How Guest Posting Can Benefit Social Media Growth

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People tend to associate guest posting with generating traffic for a website and building backlinks for SEO – and it is true that it does benefit both those areas. However increasingly guest posting is proving to have another benefit that is starting to become more and more relevant: Social media growth.

In today’s landscape, blogs and websites no longer exist in a vacuum and most of the more prominent ones work hard to build and maintain their social media followings. If you aren’t already doing the same for your brand it is vital that you think about doing so, and guest posting can help in that regard.

The core benefit of guest posting remains the same: When your content is published on popular websites, you will be able to tap into their audience. Instead (or in addition to) simply channeling that audience to your website, you could also leverage it to grow your social media following.

Varying Methods to Encourage Social Media Growth

The exact method by which guest posting can be used to grow social media will differ on a case to case basis, but it is normally via one (or a combination) of the following:

  • Direct backlink to social media pages instead (or in addition to) a backlink to a website. In this case readers will be exhorted to follow on a specific platform to obtain more of the same type of content.
  • Built-in social media links in the author’s bio. Normally these consist of icons or links in an author’s bio that point readers to their social media platforms.
  • Promotion on the website’s social media feeds. Many popular websites with large social media followings will promote good content on their own social media, and could tag your social media pages if they are on the same platform.

Depending on how the website and your own social media is set up, one (or more) of these may be ideal. At the end of the day however the net result should be an increase in people visiting your social media feed.

Of course that increase may or may not trigger a growth in your following. On average it should, but that will largely depend on whether or not the new visitors decide to follow you. For the most part the visitors should be pre-sold on the idea of following however, due to the fact that they clicked the link and visited your social media in the first place. That being said you should still make sure that your social media page is set up well and gives a positive impression.

Now that you know how guest posting can benefit social media growth, the next step is simple: Try it out. If you want you can check this service, that will help you to increase your visibility and truly tap into the multiple benefits that guest posting has to offer. Just remember to make sure that you capitalize on those benefits by converting as many of those visitors as possible.