Guide on Trade and Investments — Ideas to Make Money Online


With the rise of the internet and the digital era, people have been introducing new ways of making money through desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Some of these options are rather straightforward and pay you for completing tasks such as surveys, mini-jobs, and trying games or apps.

Others prefer to try their luck on the freelance market, using their skills to earn a little extra, or even make a living. Writers, composers, teachers, translators, actors, and even dancers, have found places like Fiverr and Upwork to provide their services while building up a portfolio to gain the trust of even more potential customers.

Content creators and entertainers such as YouTubers, streamers, musicians, and artists may have luck and get support from their fans through websites like Patreon or BuyMeaCoffee as well. 

Among all the ways of earning money online you can find, there’s a specific one that has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last couple of years for how profitable it can be, and it’s known as trading. 

In this article, I’m going to provide information regarding trading, the different types of trading you can practice, and briefly showcase them so you can decide which method you will use to earn money online. 

Let’s Describe What Trading Is

Trading can be simply labeled as an online form of investment, that depending on the type of trading you decide to go for, might result in profits on the short or long-term run.

Before we get into details about the different types of trading, let’s talk about how you usually trade. You see, the trading niche has a lot of possible investments to mention them all. Some people exchange currencies, while others buy stocks, goods, and more, and resell them when they see it profitable. This is the main idea and the core of what trading is.

Nowadays you can find a lot of online websites and apps you can use for trading, some having advantages, other ones having disadvantages. For example, there’s this website with a read review you can check to briefly understand what I’m talking about. 

Overall, if you are truly interested in the world of trading, you’ll have to spend some time researching multiple brand options and decide which website or app you want to go for.  Ideally, you should consider things like how much time the company or brand has been around, its history, and its popularity among the trading community. You can also check for articles and reviews portraying a website benefits and disadvantages, and look for reports comparing it with other possible alternatives to see which one suits you the most.

Types of Trading.

There are different types of trading methods, and they differentiate on the span of time you hold onto goods, stocks, and investments, as well as how much profit you seek to earn.

We can categorize based on time-frames, periods of trade, and profit. There are short-term trading methods as well as medium-term and long-term, and often, the medium-term and long-term ones provide more profit but have higher risks, whereas short-term provide smaller profits, but in great quantity, and often lead to fewer risks because you lose less money in comparison to the other alternatives.


This one is a short-term trading method that usually holds goods for a couple of minutes at most. It focuses on trading on a daily basis, going for as many trades as possible, to earn little numbers of profit but at a constant pace.

Traders that scalp regularly trades at the busiest hour of the day and use thigh baselines to work around, and might be a little difficult for beginners because of how fast-paced and stressful it can be. Not recommended for newcomers, since you have to focus on a continuous flow of information regarding charts and trades.

Day Trading

This is a little more welcoming for beginners since its far less stressful than scalping, and you don’t have to stick yourself in front of your phone or computer to constantly watch the flow of goods and stocks until midnight.

A day trader might choose a couple of days a week to do their business, and although they might get more profit on a single trade, they are still considered small and there’s a chance they end the day with a loss instead of earnings. They also hold onto their investments for longer, going from minutes to hours depending on the situation.

They also need to predict how things will go based on technical analysis and paying attention to information fundamentals. Thankfully, there are multiple day trading guides you can find online, making it the best choice for rookies. 

In case you are interested, you can check this one over here:

Swing Trading

This type of trading is similar to day trading, but traders do not need to sit and constantly analyze the market as day traders and scalpers. 

This makes it the best alternative for people with other responsibilities, since they can enjoy trading during their free time, and might require a few minutes to make decisions. Still, they do have to read and analyze the market to make decisions and understand the flow of goods. 

Is Trading Profitable, Though?

A lot of people might have doubts about the authenticity of the people who claim they have earned money through trading. It’s a reasonable doubt, considering there are gains and risks. 

I would say that it depends on various things, but for newcomers, it’ll depend on how well they prepare to make decisions, the information they use to predict their potential profits, the market they decide to invest in, and of course, the website or app they decide to use.

Trading is something that you get better at by doing it since you start t understand the flow of information and the charts provided by the websites a little better every time. Experience and knowledge are keys, so expecting to earn a lot of money right away is not recommended. 

Still, understand that there’s a lot of potential in this market, and if you do it properly, you might as well have an extra source of income with generous gain.