A Guide to Choose the Best Social Media Agency


When deciding to hire a social media agency, it is very important to choose a relevant agency. Working with the wrong agency can result totime wastage and less growth opportunities. Therefore, when choosing a social media agency, you need to consider the following

  1. Their price

Are you a small business owner with a limited budget? If yes, then select a social media agency with affordable prices that you can be able to pay for. However, if the agency is charging unreasonably lower prices, you need to be careful as that might imply that their services are poor. The lower prices might have less success stories and strategic direction to offer to your business.

  1. Ask for their proof of concept or case studies

Is the social media agency managing other social media accounts currently? If they are, then review their case studies and ask the links for the accounts they are managing before hiring them. If they hesitate to give you the links, then be careful that could be a red flag.

If they give you the links, observe the results. Are the results making good sense to you? A social media agency with a case study that relate to your business goals and have comparable success to what you are looking for is the agency you should consider hiring.

  1. Their experience in your industry

Hiring a social media agency with experience in your industry is more likely to yield the results you are hoping for. If they lack that experience, ask to know whether they have worked with a business related to yours.

An agency with relevant experience to your business will the better choice for your social media program.

  1. Consider the strategic direction they will provide.

Consider hiring an agency that will consult a strategy with you and implement.

Always ensure that the agency can create a strategy, implement it and also adjust it until it works.

Ask to know whether the company will offer solutions if something doesn’t work well. It is good to work with an agency who can identify when things are not working and find solutions.

  1. The ease to get in contact with the agency

Consider how easy it is to contact the agency. A company that is not easy to contact can pose challenges in future. You must ensure the agency can answer your phone calls and be able to reply to your emails in a timely manner and make follow ups with information that you ask.Make an observation of how accessible the agency is by yourself.

  1. Research to see how peopleare saying in their online reviews.

Hiring a social media agency is a big deal therefore, you need to do enough research. Check what other people are saying about the agency on social media platforms like Facebook and on Google+. If you observe something alarming on their online reviews, ask the agency to see their response

  1. Consider how frequently the social media agency will communicate with you.

When hiring a social media agency, communication is everything therefore, it is more important to comprehend what is going on. The agency should be able to communicate consistently to discuss development and goals.


Although it might look tough due to large amount of social media agency available, you should hire an agency that has a strong track record, that can use big data to its advantage, and willing to communicate as well as keep its eyes on the prize.