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Have an App Idea? 3 Ways That Will Help You Get It Live

We all have brilliant ideas floating through our minds every day. Sometimes our thoughts are focused, unique, and effectively become amazing ideas for a hot new app. Like most people, you have no idea how to turn your amazing idea into a live app available on the web in all your favorite markets like iTunes, Google Play, and more.

At their core, ideas are nothing more than inspiration. To turn your ideas into an app, you’ll need to perform targeted research, create an effective plan for running a lean business, and come up with a good strategy to get your idea off the ground.

How do you turn your app idea into a winning business? Learn three ways to make it happen below.

  1. Narrow Down Your App Ideas to a Single Choice

Some of us have too many ideas floating through our mind. It’s often difficult to keep track of them.

Instead of trying to figure out the 10 or 20 best ideas you have, narrow them down to a handful at first. After you’ve whittled down your choices, look at your options and pick your favorite one.

By focusing your attention on one choice, you’ll finally have a chance to move forward with your idea. When it really moves you, you’ll feel passionate about the project and willing to stick with it until the idea becomes a valid working app.

During the development phase, you can look at this Stackify article to learn more about error monitoring.

  1. Enter the Idea Validation Stage

Just because you have an awesome idea for an app, it doesn’t mean the world wants it or is ready for it. On the contrary, you may find out your idea doesn’t really strike a chord with your intended audience.

Instead of blindly developing the first app idea to come to mind, it’s best to avoid market research and business plan creation until you’ve determined there’s a need for your app in the marketplace.

How do you validate an app? You do so by creating an MVP, otherwise known as minimum viable product. Ultimately, you develop a bare bones version of the app to create a prototype. Once you have this prototype in place, you can share it with your intended audience, get valuable feedback, and determine if it’s worth it to fully develop and launch based on your initial idea.

  1. Discovering Your Market & Executing the Launch

Now it’s time to determine if your potential target market is big enough to support developing this app. It’s certainly possible to promote the app on a local level, but you’ll eventually want to expand to reach a much wider audience.

If your app is going to solve problems for the masses, find out exactly where they need the most help. Once you’ve discovered this valuable information, you can design and develop your app to specifically meet their needs.

At this point, it’s time to execute the development of your million dollar idea. Tell the MVP development team to get to work developing a full version of the app. Once everything is in motion, you can move forward with the launch process.

Take the necessary steps to place your app in all the biggest stores. Let your audience know when it’s nearly complete, share regular updates and ultimately tell the world your amazing app will be available for purchase really soon.


Use this three step process to take your app from the idea stage to execution.