Here is all you need to know about live proctoring


Looking at the current health situation and the crisis this pandemic has brought in the world to make the companies and colleges and all other institutes to go with the use of remote proctoring products. This is why live proctoring has become one of the major needs of the system here and they have become a huge demanding industry as well in the market. The future of learning is e-learning and one of the most important areas of e-learning is virtual proctoring. It is estimated that by the year 2025, e-learning will become the most rapid growing industry and have a market reach of around 325 billion dollars.

In this article, we will talk in detail about what is live proctoring why is it important in the date and time of today to switch to remote proctoring instead of classroom examinations. Also, you can hear about what is online proctor and how you can select a tool for remote proctoring and what are the various challenges that come with the use of live proctoring and without it as well. to get to know more about the same, keep on reading:

What is remote proctoring?

For all those who are not aware about proctoring, it can be defined as the mechanism which ensures that there is authenticity maintained when the test is being taken by the test taker and they cannot cheat by any source. All this is ensured by the presence of proctor who is present during the time the test is being taken by the person. A proctor can be defined as the person who makes sure that no unfair means is being adapted during the taking of the test such as cheating and he or she has training in the same skills.

Remote proctoring can be defined as the process in which students are asked to write an online test from a location which is remote and the proctor takes care of the test by being present through visual media or means of keeping and maintain the integrity of the test. The video can also be used to flag if any student is using any inappropriate means while they are giving the test. Online tests are being taken since the longest time and that is why this means of proctoring is highly needed and important keeping in mind today’s scenario of the schools and colleges.

Various challenges faced 

  1. In offline proctoring it is very difficult to manage the students it come at one place and take the test because as of now the pandemic is on the peak and putting the life of students in danger for exams is not at all appropriate.
  2. Also, if we talk about getting the students to nearby locations where they can give exam separately then a lot of workforce will be required which might not be possible at the moment.
  3. In online proctoring also there are some issues such as it is sometimes difficult to find a qualified proctor and even if you find a person then it is very difficult to check if that person performed his or her duties of proctoring in the right manner or not since there are no checking records for the same thing
  4. If you take an online test of students without adding a proctor then there are a huge number of chances that students will most probably cheat or even impersonate while they are giving exams so that is why it is very important a proctor is present during an online test as well. 

Types of online test proctoring

So basically, there are three types of online test proctoring. The first kind is where the students are allotted a live proctor and he or she keeps an eye on the students who are giving tests and if they try to do something inappropriate then they are tagged with a red flag immediately. The next kind is when there is no love proctor but however, their actions are recorded with the means of audio and video mechanism and if later on it is checked and someone is found guilty for doing something wrong then they are marked with a red flag. The last and the third kind of proctoring is when there is no live proctor but the audio and video is being recorded but along with that there is a AI analytics which makes sure that if anything illegal is done during the taking of test, the system is alarmed immediately at the same time.

Why choose remote or live online proctoring for online tests keeping in mind the given scenario?

  1. The first and the foremost reason is that at this time traveling is not at all safe and that is why if tests are taken online with remote proctoring then it will be great that way because then they won’t have to travel in any way and there will be no crowd of students or gatherings as well and it will be healthy and safe for all of them.
  2. The next thing is that e-learning is coming in trend a lot and that is why in the future it is very beneficial that tests are taken online only and remote proctoring is given a lot of importance as well because with online tests, this is also important. 
  3. If proctoring online is given preference, then a lot of cost will be saved for calling of students and proctors to different proctored centres as well and they can give and take tests at their homes only. It will save the time and money both of both the parties and tests can be taken with much ease and simplicity as well right at remote locations.

With that said, this is all that you need to know about online live and remote proctoring and how it works and why it is a great point of need in the date and time of today as well!