Hidden Spy app to Monitor Android Devices


When it comes to the digital online world, technology has brought trends and innovations are emerging every week. Technology in the shape of digital media services is talked about and used by the group of friends. Meeting with the issues of protecting children in the frequently online world, monitoring is compulsory. However, the online world has brought great opportunities but also brought notorious issues for children and also for employers who running their firms having handfuls of employees. The questions arise how parents can monitor the activities of their kids in the online world and how employers can spy their employees during working hours.

The answer is quite simple; TheOneSpy hidden spy app enables you to monitor all android devices within few minutes. No more worries for parents, who always feel insecure regarding their kids, while they are visiting online world through their Android devices. Parents will be able to monitor every single move of their kids having the complete time schedule. They can get access to the target device and can view the browsing data, whom they are texting, talking or sharing anything through social media and parents can even track their whereabouts.

TheOneSpy undetectable app monitors all android devices without giving any clue of their target device user. It is totally concealed monitoring app. Employers even can monitor company’s owned devices used by the employees.

How TheOneSpy app is hidden / undetectable?

TheOneSpy is the top notch android app innovation in the development of technology. It is undetectable monitoring app which can work silently in order to proceed to gather data of the targeted device, even capable of spying all the social media messengers. The best astonishing part of TheOneSpy is that it cannot be monitored through anti spyware detection apps.

Why is TheOneSpy suitable for Guardians?

TheOneSpy monitoring app prevent number of incidents which may occur like ragging culture in schools, parents can monitor their kids if anything happens to their kids while studying. Cyber bullying is one of the darker sides of the digital world which involves children as well as employees. So, TheOneSpy is suitable for the guardians in order to protect and monitor children from child molestation, thugs, and cons and from pedophiles present in our societies.

What is so impressive about TheOneSpy?

It is an undetectable spy app for android phone; it has more than 130 features, including 16 instant messengers like hike, Facebook, Google hangout, Instagram, telegram, kik, and Tumblr etc.  It also has the feature like GPS tracking system in order to track the location of their target device. The app can record surrounding sounds by using mic bug feature and can make short videos through back and front camera.

We have differentiated our spy app features into three categories, which are following

Voice category:

In this particular category, monitoring app enables you to monitor and spy on calls including record voice calls, bug their phone and all the voice chats of all 16 instant messengers belongs to voice category.

Data category:

All the characters or symbols through which any operation is being performed by the target android device which includes key logger, SMS messages, data of IM social media, multimedia files data, monitoring internet activities, phone activities and remotely phone controlling .

Location Category:

Location Category means that, the GPS location system which is based on geographical lines of latitude and longitude and provides coordinates for target device location. It includes GPS location tracker, location history of current GPS location, weekly tracking history, Mark restricted and safe areas falls in the location category.

How can we initiate TheOneSpy hidden app: 

Always keep in mind that before you are going to initiate this powerful application, your device should be compatible with the app. Our hidden app supported Android 4.0 nougat version up to 7.0 nougat version. It is important to know that the spy app has few features which are compulsory for rooting.

So, therefore, if you want to enjoy all the features of untraceable spy app, your device must be routable. When you are sure about the compatibility terms then you can get our hidden spy app by making a click on buy now button. Now you just have to select your desired package and after making payment install it on your device.  After the completion of the installation process, you’ll get all the required data logs through your control panel on TheOneSpy website, by visiting the right side menu on your control panel you can listen all the recorded calls, view SMS logs, and track location of your targeted android cell phone.

Important preparations to use TheOneSpy:

There are some logical facts which you should know about the app. What precautionary measures you should take before buying and after buying the TOS spy app.

  • You should well aware of that your device is compatible with TOS undetectable spy app or not. If didn’t confirm about the device compatibility just ask our online chat support member to
  • If you have any problem using this app and queries regarding technical solutions, you can visit “TheOneSpy.com” website and can ask anything to one of our “Online Support Chat” member.
  • Just send a message “to Online Support chat” if you have a question or issue regarding features which you want to use, feel free to ask technical issues which you are facing with monitoring app.

Our technical support department is available 24/7 to solve your queries.

  • Our monitoring app has its standard guidelines, in which it is already been mentioned that if your device is not a genuine Android device, then we will not accept your claim. Because the duplicate and cheap devices may create issues while using application.
  • We have already mentioned in our terms and conditions, FAQS and in our billing policies that we don’t support auto billings, update, renew package facility and billing to read complete terms visits the page.


TheOneSpy hidden app is the world no. 1 powerful spy app having safe and sound features for all android devices. The live demo is available on the website. You can visit our site and can check the live demo. It has 24/7 online support to facilitate the users. It is a complete monitoring solution to be availed approximately at $18 per month. There are multiple subscription time periods and package plans for Android Phones