How hotel firms can make an amazing landing page for higher direct bookings


When customers click on a link to a website they want to be dazzled by what they see on there so it is vital hotel companies work hard to create a wonderful online presence. An amazing landing page can make all the difference deciding whether a customer stays on the site or not. This is a web page where members of the public arrive when they click a link online that appears in places such as a blog or social media. These parts of a hotel website are standalone pages that are generated for marketing campaigns. This could offer a top spa package or a business trip that includes use of meeting rooms and a special dinner.

Whatever the deal is it could bring a potential guest onto a site to discover a residence and they will hopefully reserve a room. Picking the right subject is vital as it has to be something that will completely engage customers. The landing page is created for a simple reason that is to capture the attention of travellers. It has to therefore have anything that could distract customers taken away from it, such as a navigation bar or any other website links. What hotel companies should remember is that the headline for the offer is incredibly important.

In this part of the landing page the words should be clear and language must be used that appeals to the customer. What is also necessary is a beautiful visual that could be a photo or fun graphic that again delights the tourist enough to read on. There should be plenty of colours on the page and whatever is there has to match the residence’s brand identity. What has to be clear is who the deal is aimed at and what it includes, as well as how much it costs. What must also be done is to include positive reviews of any previous guests.

Hotel companies can include on any landing page words from social media or reviews sites that have happy customer comments. The Call to Action button is clearly the most crucial part of this type of web page as it encourages travellers to head to the online booking engine. Customers need to be told to Book Now and accommodation firms should ensure that the reservation button is large and easy to click. What companies should definitely do is try out their landing page to ensure that it works properly and to see what could be changed. A wonderful website is also necessary to encourage customers to book at the residence.

The consultants at World Hotel Marketing desire that their customers have the best website and will encourage firms to create a crucial internet presence. They can definitely help create wonderful landing pages that will attract customers and will aid with social media profiles with advice about reputation management. The diligent workers at this agency will work closely with companies to find out what makes them unique and promote this online. They will create a wonderful marketing plan and get them greater exposure across the web. The site will be easy to use and include the brilliant Booking Direct tool to attract customers.