How a Great Sales Team Can Save Your Startup


Many startups can have a tough time making it simply because they fail to effectively reach their target market. With so many other larger players out there, it’s difficult to carve out any space for yourself without any brand recognition. While the occasional startup will get a boost thanks to someone finding their product and going viral, most of the time reaching customers means having a stellar sales team with an excellent strategy and leadership. 

A sales team is what can make the difference between building revenue and becoming a success and struggling for profitability and potential failure. This post will illustrate how to develop a great sales team and use them to help your startup. 

Start With An Excellent Sales Manager 

Your first hire isn’t going to be a team of sales reps, instead, you’re looking for the person that will be the captain of your sales ship. A sales team manager should be the one responsible for building your sales team from the ground up. This means developing your sales strategy, hiring your sales reps, and establishing goals and success metrics, with the help of your business leaders and the marketing team. 

Your sales manager is less like a boss and more like a teacher. The manager will be the one responsible for getting and keeping the sales team up to speed and guiding them through rough patches. Increasing your revenue comes down to your sales team and how well they are managed. 

Build Your Sales Strategy 

Even before you have your team in place, you’ll begin to build your sales strategy.  Messaging is the most important part of your sales strategy. How you portray your values and the benefits of your products and services and instruct the customer to take action are crucial to how you generate sales. 

Another thing to consider is how you reach out to your customers. Whether you rely on viral marketing tactics or try to demonstrate your product to customers to prove the value you need to consider which approach will work for your business. Viral success can have a huge impact on businesses but is also a more risky proposition. Demonstrating your product and convincing people to buy it is slower, but also more stable. 

Building Your Sales Team

While your sales manager should likely be the one handling the recruitment of sales personnel, there is most certainly some planning and strategy involved. Hiring a sales team is a process that takes research. The goal is to custom tailor your sales positions to the intent of your business. New hires need to fit the right role for your specific needs. 

A poor hiring choice can result in a lot of wasted time, effort, and money. Time, research, and the right practices will result in a quality sales team that will be driving up your revenue in no time. 

If you follow these tips, you’ll have a sales team and strategy that will have your startup making loads of money in no time.