An Olymp trade profits calculator will enable beginners and experienced traders to measure all the key business parameters, including the pip value, spread, contract size, margin, spreads, potential profit, and commission. Besides, up to 5 trades can be calculated at once!

In the table, the following is shown:

  • The USDJPY method of trading. Further details on different trading tools are available in our contract requirements.
  • cost-100,500. price. That’s the SELL trading price. When you want, the calculator will turn this quantity into the exchange deposit currency.
  • Swap the cost of maintaining open a place overnight. Either this number is positive for your benefit or negative. For more details on trading conditions, please see our FAQ. The calculator calculates the existing swap price on its own, taking data from those in the contract requirements.
  • minimum or Marginal amount of free capital allowed to open a particular position on your Olymp Trade profits Calculator account The calculator analyses the capital requirements of each instrument.
  • Take advantage. The extra profit is USD 1.542,25 when the position is offered as a SELL position on the premise that prices will decrease.

Calculator for equal profit and loss

The P&L report is an earnings statement that lists all sales, operating expenses often pointed to as an income statement within a specified period. The documents in the remark show whether or not the company can generate more profit through higher revenues or cost reduction. As we have already recognized that, businesses generally compute profit and loss together with a balance showing what is owned and owed at one time and cash flow remarks, that are essential to compare showing changes in accounts within the same specified period.

Additional information on how P&L calculator operates, but can also be very easily applied for Olymp Trade profits Calculator apart from its clear application. While trading offers the chance to benefit from entry into the market, well-informed investors always take risk into account. Understanding how to quantify profit and loss while trading makes you question your success rate or failure rate clearly because it directly impacts your Olymp Trade profits Calculator account’s margin balance. As suggested above you can quickly find good, free P&L calculators and immediately calculate them for yourself by most stock exchanges, but it is important to recognize how they work.

How To Calculate Your Business Profit And Loss

In Olymp Trade profits Calculator Currency trading is a very difficult market, so make sure to take note of profits and loss estimates of your transaction, as this impacts your margin account directly, also, to have the largest amount of money available for exchange.

The following is the method for calculating profits and losses of trades:

  • Full account margin balance: = initial deposit margin + P&L achieved and unrealized

In this scenario, “unrealized” indicates that Olymp Trade profits Calculator opportunities are open yet but can always be closed. When you conclude the exchange, you measure the loss and profit and raise the margin balance in situation of benefit, while it decreases the profit and losses. Because the unrealized estimate of P&L is on the market, the margin balance changes constantly. But don’t worry. It’s easy–you have to test place size and how many pipes the price has changed to determine the P&L of the position. The present benefit or loss is shown in the place size multiplied by the piping motion.

You can accurately determine the margin amount required in your business account when you have the amount of Olymp Trade profits Calculator and loss. You don’t need to constantly calculate all your transactions as the investment accounts do immediately. Nonetheless, the calculations to shape your business are important to understand it helps you calculate the margin required to keep a position based on the use of the trading account offered by you. You handle the risks efficiently and improve your trading account’s productivity by holding everything in mind.

The options of Olymp Trade profits Calculator

Olymp Trade profits Calculator allows you to analyze your possible costs and trading outcomes without placing an order. Good enough condition to do this, you just have to use a very reasonable trade calculator.

  • First, you should pick your account form, since there are increasing commissions and spreads in various accounts.
  • Select a heel you use or end up leaving it as the standard value once it has been done.
  • Then, just choose your bank currency as the effect on your margin requirement will be important.
  • When the above is in effect, pick a trade product, its volume, and path, and fix the opened and closed prices.
  • If you want to recognize more positions-click to add several positions as you want.
  • When your positions have been listed, press on the calculate button to display and display the pip value, the piping in dollars and pipes, the trades and the needed margin to allow the trade.


It may seem complicated, but not because all essential Olymp Trade profits Calculators calculations are instantly performed: all you need to do is fill throughout the areas of interest. The volume can be daunting, but across the Web, there are just so many tips and tricks to help you better understand how to use an Olymp trade profits calculator to imagine your targets and the monetary foundations.