How Agriculture Pros Find Work Doing What They Love


If the idea of working in the agricultural industries makes you immediately think of hands-on labor and bib overalls, it’s time to revisit this remarkable industry! Chemists, market traders, oil & gas professionals, and those in procurement can all find terrific jobs in the agriculture industry.

Trade Within the Markets

The grain industries are truly an international business. If you have market trading experience, grain merchandiser jobs can allow you to participate in markets that run 24 hours and in a variety of languages.

With a job in the grain markets, you also get to have your finger on the political pulse of nations around the world. Extreme weather, geopolitical upheaval, and social crises can all impact the availability of what you trade. If you are interested in politics and world markets, check out the grain markets.

Specialize in the Fuel Industry

The whole world runs on fuel. If you’re in the agricultural industry, you can enjoy a remarkable view of the fuel industry from both sides; both in the consumption of fuel to plant, harvest, and transport, and in the production of biofuels.

As with any market under high demand, the fuel markets can be quite volatile. If you have skills in procurement, you may spend a great deal of time looking locally and thinking globally. The interconnection of global fuel markets impacts everything, from the price of groceries to the timing of harvests. Your skills can allow you to market yourself to a variety of businesses and recruiting specialists.

Work With Large Animals

Large animal vets can specialize in any number of animals and can truly find work almost anywhere in the world. From cattle to hogs to horses, a large animal veterinarian can find ways to contribute to the health and safety of the food chain as soon as they finish their schooling.

Of course, this is hands-on care. You may also find that you will be working with

  • breeding specialists working to increase meat quality
  • racehorse trainers striving to breed the next Triple Crown winner
  • ranchers in isolated areas striving to transport cattle from meadow to feedlot

If you have always dreamed of a life far from the city as a skilled professional, the large animal industry may be exactly what you want to do.

The Sciences: Water and Soil

Recent world events remind us that our food supply needs protecting and nurturing. For those with an interest in chemistry and biology, a focus on the agricultural industry can help you to both support your lifestyle and family while focusing on helping humanity.

Increasingly costly food transport means that more people are working to grow food locally. Soil improvements, water management, and crop choices are all critical to getting the best results and feeding the most people. This industry may also give you the opportunity to live in a different country for a time, or to spend your life traveling if you so choose. Each region has a unique biome and your life as a scientist could take you to some remarkable places.

Procurement and Marketing

Procurement skills can be put to work in a variety of ways in the agriculture industry. You may be put to work finding tools and machinery, or you may be working to locate consumables such as fuel and fertilizer. The ability to locate and source products as a procurement specialist can put you to work in many different parts of the world.

If you need a job with flexible hours, you may be able to find procurement jobs in another time zone. For example, if you have small children and need to work early in the morning before everyone is up, a procurement job that focuses on products and markets in the eastern United States could be ideal.

Marketing in agriculture is another project that can be done remotely or as a contract worker. If growers in your area want to start a farmer’s market, you can offer promotional support and social media management.

Farming is much more than hands-on work. As a member of the agricultural industry, you can work in a lab, on a trading floor, or on a drafting board. There are many recruiters ready to help you hone your self-promotion skills and build your resume for the biggest impact. Think globally!