How to backup iPhone photo video to computer without iTunes using DearMob iPhone Manager


Dear Mob, Inc is a devoted Android mobile software provider. It Provides its users free media tools with full-featured mobile tools. It helps its user in providing 5K Player. It exceeds all the expectations of media player which plays everything. It supports AirPlay technology. The user can download Online videos which are free. The other product which the Dear mob  Inc. provides is DearMob iPhone Manager which is a file manager, which provides solutions for iPad and iPhone.

Users can get full control over the mobiles than before. It manages, restores and backup the data which enables the users for easy access. It provides antivirus solutions and mobile security. Dear Mob gives the best protection to the mobiles. It is one of the secure iOS manager for transferring the iPhone data with an encryption method. The data is precious to every user because of it DearMob iPhone manager builds a military-grade encryption for a secured version and provides privacy leakage.

Backup Importance

Do not feel disappointed when there is lost data and all the vital data from iPhone or iPad.Losing photos or essential contacts may be lost when upgraded to iOS12, instead of finding a remedy to recover lost data, it is better to back up and secure the data and update it. DearMob iPhone Manager helps to Backup and restore the data so there is no need to worry. Having said that, DearMob provides a simple solution to all the restore &backup data.

How DearMob helps

DearMob iPhone Manager is an easy tool for transferring photos between iPad, iPhone,  and computer. It can be accessed for 100% ready to manage the albums like selfies, camera roll, Facebook photos, and Screenshots.
After videos iPhone occupies much space for photos, making it prevalent for transferring photos. The user can delete the downloadable videos but to delete the photos they may think twice. To help with restoring the photos, backing up as well as to share the photos, here are the ways to copy transfer photo from iPhone to computer. This is one of the best iPhone backup tools, free up space and can restore the data later.

Backup iPhone photos to computer without iTunes

As the years pass by iPhone photos consume larger space. people click photos for every memorable event. May it be a traveling, special occasions. They share their screenshots, selfies, downloaded images, and share with their friends. With DearMob iPhone manager, the user can backup photos to the computer by albums and arrange them by time. Just click multiple photos then drag and drop them to the desired folder/Location. Below steps may be helpful:

First Launch DearMob iPhone manager and click on photo transfer from the main interface. Click and select the photos to back up. Lastly, Export those photos by clicking the export button and backup the photos without iTunes.Dear Mob iPhone manager supports .jpg, .Png, .bmp .Jpeg, photos which can be uploaded to iPhone or iPad.

The main benefits of using DearMob iPhone manager is it is very convenient and provides a faster way to back up. It can transfer up to 1000 4K iPhone images in a lesser span of time. To get an encrypted image one can click Export with Encryption.

Backup iPhone Videos to computer without iTunes

When there a situation of iTunes won’t backup iPhotos there is always an option of DearMob iPhone Manager. This can be the iPhone recorded videos, downloaded movies from online. It syncs directly to iPhone videos to target PC/Mac computer without any restrictions. Users can even share videos and Movies whenever and wherever they want. It is secured with Password protection. Install the DearMob iPhone Manager and follow the steps below:
select the favorite videos and click Videos button which is on the main interface. Click on “Export” button to back up the videos without iTunes. If the video is a  DRM encrypted, unlock it by decode button.

The main benefit of using DearMob iPhone Manager is the option of transferring iPhone Videos by safeguarding the privacy. Of course, the user can decrypt it with the password. There is an advanced feature of compress, rotate, and convert those videos into the compatible mode.

How to recover the encrypted password

Even though the user has everything at hand to restore the iPhone but can’t figure out the passcode, iPhone lock-screen passcode, and other passwords. Every time one tries to restore the iPhone from backup, iTunes it asks for a passcode. It seems all the data might be lost if one forgot this passcode. One needs a tool to encrypt the password.DearMob solves that problem by giving 100% security to the device and personal information. Using this user can recover through a decryption software.

How can it be enabled?

DearMob provides a brand new algorithm to encrypt the data. To initiate one needs to install this encryption and decryption tool used for Windows or Mac.

Then set a key for iPhone encrypted backup. This will solve the problem.

but remember to check the open encryption of exporting files which are enabled for videos, contacts, and photos. Always there should be a output with*.dearmob extension which is safe.

Benefits of using DearMob over iTunes

Sometimes even an outstanding OS can be made even better.  By providing a superfluous application Apple OS aimed at the one-stop shop for iPhone and iPad worlds. Whether it may be for music, storage, or photos users have their respective apps.  Despite having an excellent iOS people find it time-consuming and confusing. There are apps and files around the Mac/iPhone and this is where the job of DreamMob comes into place.

  • DearMob iPhone Manager Manager makes it simple to sync iPad and iPhone data to PC or Mac.
  • DearMob provides a solution to iPhone or iPad owners who want to avoid transferring their data to iCloud via iTunes.DearMob offers a speedy and easy alternative than being a slow process.
  • DearMob iPhone Manager offers an interface which is streamlined and easy to understand in its use. It doesn’t give many restrictions. Of course, gives a daily limit to transfer the data.


DearMob proves to be the best replacement for the gruesome iTunes sync process. This will also be a perfect mirror backup for iPhone Plus with some add-on features. The features like backup, restore and data encryption adds color to basic content management. It provides its users to encrypt the local data with a secure password. The perfect solution is in regards to the application, where the user can export photos from iPhone to Mac. This converts the picture files to the desired format for the iPhones. The user need not worry about the format and file size etc.