No ambitious entrepreneur wants to think about failing. After all, belief in yourself and a positive outlook are vital prerequisites for anyone looking to achieve success in the business world. However, the truth is many companies fail; despite proper planning, organization, and application, sometimes the fates simply conspire against us. The question then becomes: how do you rally from financial setbacks? While there’s no easy answer, here are four tips to help you get back on top:

Learn from Your Mistakes

There’s a school of thinking that mistakes aren’t really mistakes –– provided you learn something valuable as a result. Don’t block out painful memories of prior failure; instead, use them to make better decisions this time around. Though it’s a harsh experience, failing is the best way to learn important lessons about ourselves.

Finance Smarter

Sometimes businesses go belly-up when they don’t have to. Some entrepreneurs don’t give their finances proper time and consideration, and as a result they miss out on opportunities to 1) secure vital funding, and 2) expand their operation. Even if you have less-than-perfect credit, or you’ve been rejected by the bank, you can still get loans when you need them. Note that there are a number of lenders who can supply  industry-specific funding options, like franchise financing, or merchant cash advances. The point is, don’t be afraid to utilize this important lifeline if you find yourself in need of some extra capital.

Go Modern

The best businesses set trends rather than react to them. If you struggled with modern developments like workings from home, or adapting to new software in the past, make sure to focus more on these areas in your next business venture. Resisting change will only hamstring your company and prevent you from attracting top talent to your workplace.

Celebrate Small Victories

Remember that you can’t climb a mountain in a single bound. While it may be tempting to try and bounce back from financial ruin with a high-risk, high-reward investment, it’s likely not in your best interest to try. Instead of opening yourself up to potentially greater trouble, do your best to focus on the little things under your control. Incremental successes add up over time, and making wise decisions can help you rebuild your credit and get back on the right track. Though it may seem like a daunting task when viewed from a distance, taking your work day-by-day will help you chip away at your long-term goals until you’ve achieved them. Stay resolute, work hard, and believe in yourself and you’ll be back in business in no time!