How Building a Recurring Tweet List Can Help Your Business


How many times have you found yourself running a promotion, special, or any kind of recurring event, but forgot to post about it? Whether you do it so often that it seems almost pointless by now, or you just plain run out of time, forgetting to post is a real concern. Forgetting to post can also be a big mistake as well. Not only is daily posting on social media a way to increase your visibility and get more users to recognize your name, but it is also an excellent promotional tool. Sometimes, social media users go to the top social media sites for information on incredible deals and special promotions

The use of Twitter for business purposes has benefited a lot of small businesses. All of those small businesses have daily posts in common. They keep their followers coming back, all the while bringing in new ones. One way they do this is with recurring tweets. Think about it. You may run weekly or monthly promotions or updates that your current followers know about and know to check for. But there are also plenty of people out there who do not follow you who do not know about these promotions or updates. Every day is a chance to bring in more followers and customers, and you should be taking advantage of that.

Recurring tweets are basically what they sound like. They are the same tweet repeated at specific points in time. There are numerous websites and plenty of software available to help you with post scheduling. Post scheduling comes in very handy when posting recurring tweets. They allow to you pick the days and times when you would like the tweet to occur. You could even schedule the tweet every Monday or every second Tuesday if need be. These recurring tweets will continue to bring in new customers and followers because it keeps the information relevant, even though it is the same information that you have posted before.

When using recurring tweets, make sure that have plenty of other content being posted as well. You don’t want a series of the same tweets back to back to back on your account. It is repetitive and users could be turned off by the lack of original content on your Twitter account. Make sure that you post plenty in-between all recurring posts.

Coming up with a list of recurring tweets can be beneficial to your business, but only if you do it right. Add a bit of variety to each tweet to mix it up with the same message and make sure you tweet plenty of other content. Play around with your recurring tweets and see what works for you and your business. Think about investing in helpful scheduling software. It could take a bit of stress off your plate in the long run. Above all else, make sure you are posting every day.

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