How companies can benefit from What’s My Learning Style?


What is What’s My Learning Style?

This training assessment has been specifically designed for managers to help with training. The assessment delivers learning results which are gained by developing a greater understanding of the individual’s learning style.

Every person has their own way of learning, and every method is different. These are called preferred personal learning styles. Whether people realise it or not, they all have it, and all use it. This explains why some people learn better on their own, and others thrive in group sessions.

The programme identifies the individual learning preferences of people and helps managers to apply this knowledge in order to build stronger relationships between staff and managers. The program shows how to maximise the strengths and minimize weaknesses.

As a manager, this is something that you should seriously consider before your next training session. Once you have discovered the method that each member of staff uses to learn something, you are closer to developing a united group.

It is important to realise that there is no one learning method that is correct, neither are there incorrect methods. If a person can learn something using any technique he is comfortable with, then that method is correct for him.

Who can benefit from What’s My Learning Style?

Everyone in the company will benefit from this programme. It is designed to maximize the strong points of every individual.

For managers, the use of this assessment will bring amazing results from the audience during your training sessions.

For staff, this is a way to ensure that every individual is accepted for what they are, and the way they learn things.

Main uses for What’s My Learning Style?

This programme is essential for every aspect of the workplace. It is primarily designed for use by managers and anyone who is involved in staff training programmes. This is an excellent way to enhance relationships between management and staff, and to ensure that staff feel valued for additional skills they learn.

The assessment works very well to improve group dynamics. Once it is accepted that learning is a personal style, there will be less criticism of people who learn in different ways.

Between managers, this assessment will give greater clarity to the different ways of building team spirits.

While there are several ways to try to train staff, we would advise managers to opt for HRDQ’s What’s My Learning Style? because it takes into account the individuality of each person.

How does What’s My Learning Style? Work?

The program starts with a 20-question self-assessment which should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Each person rates the characteristics that best describe the way they learn, and the assessment then works out which learning group they fall into, namely spirited, direct, systematic, or considerate.

After working out the best learning method for an individual, it will be possible to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of each person, create a plan which suits their learning method, and make the learning process a comfortable event instead of a threat.

So, what are the real benefits?

The real benefits will be seen on all company levels, where learning has become fun instead of a chore. The atmosphere to learn will become fun while staff will become more confident in their abilities. Training will become a positive experience with positive outcomes, instead of negative experiences.

Once a manager knows the way his staff learn, he will find that he has a united team, made up from individuals who are confident in their own abilities, and who know that they are appreciated for their contributions to the workplace.