How Competitor Monitoring Can Improve Your Business


If your business seems to have hit a plateau, you’re probably looking for a new strategy to get a leg up and improve your results.

Even if a company has great internal strategies, they can still be threatened by outside forces from competitors.

For example, let’s say a restaurant serves the best tasting sandwiches in the whole city. That restaurant probably feels like their business should be booming! After all, they serve the very best product. Yet, they might not be aware of the other sandwich shop across town that serves a slightly less delicious sandwich but offers a lower price and an incredible customer rewards program.

Competitive forces might be affecting your business without you even realizing it. Now that you’re aware of these threats to your business, you want to do whatever you can to troubleshoot and rise above your competitors. While such a task may seem out of reach due to the intangible nature of competition, it has actually now become a thing of ease thanks to advanced computer technology.

Participating in competitor monitoring via computer software, like that which can be found at, is a great way to stay on top of competitor business and use the performance of others as a way to grow and improve your business.

Let’s look into the other ways in which competitor monitoring can improve your business.

  1. Prepare for the Unknown

Staying on top of competitor’s progression will help you be more aware of new product rollouts, new promotions, or sales campaigns that may be coming up. Being aware of these will allow for extra time to create a counter strategy to offset any loss that may arise from a competitor’s gain. This reduces your chances of being caught off guard and essentially eliminates the fear of surprise all together.

  1. Minimize Loss

By learning what worked and didn’t work for your competitors, you can actually improve your own business strategy. You can avoid strategies that failed for others and steer clear of them within your own company. If you were not paying attention to your competitor’s activity, you may have missed a great learning experience to safeguard your profits.

  1. Discover Untouched Opportunities

Quality competitor monitoring includes surveillance of their entire product or service offerings as well as their customer base and target audience. By paying attention to what their customers have to say about that business, you can identify gaps in the marketplace in which your company can swoop in to reach the customers in a way the competitor has not. By accessing these untapped avenues, you can increase your revenue and stand out among competitors.

  1. Be Aware of New Threats Entering the Marketplace

A thorough competitor monitoring strategy is one that goes beyond simply tracking a few competitors. It should keep an eye out on the marketplace in general, ready to identify any new competitors that make their way onto the scene. New businesses with similar offerings or customer base pose a major threat and being aware of them as early as possible will give you the opportunity to react accordingly and maintain your spot in the landscape.

  1. Identify Trends Before They Happen

While being alerted of changes in the marketplace is beneficial, being in tune enough to predict trends before they even happen is invaluable. Competitor monitoring must be ongoing, recording data and analyzing patterns that occur. This data analysis will allow for accurate prediction of trends before they even occur, which could completely alter the influence these trends have on your business. Preventative measures tend to work better than defensive measures, so this ability to see into the future realm of possibility gives a huge leg up.

Competitor monitoring is an in-depth strategy that can will keep your business performing at its very best despite the external changes in the marketplace. Luckily, there are programs available designed specifically to keep a thorough eye on the competitive landscape, making less work for you but greater benefits than you could ever imagine.