Marketing is essential for all businesses. With so much competition, it’s unreasonable to expect customers to find your business on their own. But, all marketing requires investment and this is often a downside for many small enterprises. Although many smaller businesses are discouraged too easily. They presume a large marketing budget is what gets great results, but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are many low-cost marketing tools available to enterprising start-ups, just one of which is customised envelopes, such as can be found at bestbuyenvelopes.uk. They may seem like such a small thing, and they are, but the benefits of employing them are considerable.

Getting your brand out there

Think of how many pieces of mail you send as a part of an average mailshot. Think then of how many eyes will be looking at your branding. Do you know how much you’d have to spend to reach that sort of audience through other marketing means? By comparison, custom designed envelopes seem like the deal of the century in comparison to the results they’re capable of returning. Customised envelopes are highly versatile, too. You can use them for a wide number of things, all of which can help to increase your business profile. Some examples are promotional mail shots, sending product catalogues to (potential) clients, invitations for an opening event, coupon drives, special offers and let´s not forget questionnaires and competitions. These are just some of the ways you can creatively use envelopes to their maximum possible advantage. When you communicate with your customers, you should make the very most of that opportunity that you can. Do just that with custom printed envelopes.

Accessibility for small businesses

Many smaller businesses get dejected from putting in much effort because they feel like marketing is something only bigger businesses do. In reality you don’t need a multi-million pound marketing budget, all you need is a little capital and a boatload of creativity! Custom envelopes, for example, can be bought for a very reasonable price. It’s difficult to get branded merchandise any cheaper. You can design them online in just a few minutes and have them delivered to your door, saving you valuable time. And when you send your correspondence you’ll be doing so with your own custom branded stationery – an envelope in your colour scheme bearing your branding makes a serious impact.