How email marketing can improve your SEO


 Nowadays when it comes to digital marketing not knowing what SEO is all about is a huge faux pas. If you are reading this article you probably already know what’s what and actually you are looking for ways to boost SEO on your business website. And there are many paths to take in order to achieve that goal but I’m going to tell you about one which you should already know. And that is email marketing.

It’s not like the email marketing is a new thing and no one has heard about it yet. However, its power is underrated and still a lot of entrepreneurs consider pros and cons on and on instead of trying to use it. And if you are like one of these entrepreneurs let me convince you that the email marketing can really make a difference and boost SEO on your website.

Benefits of email marketing related to SEO

Boosting the bounce rates

First of all, email marketing is proved to make visitors more engaged in the content on your website. Accuracy, quality and attractiveness of the content is obviously crucial as SEO and UX are inseparable. However, if a certain group of people has already decided to sign up for your newsletter it means they fancy the subject. If you guide them subtly to the unexplored or new areas on your page they are more prone to get interested. And if they are and if they start exploring your webpage your bounce rates will rocket what is important for the SEO ranking.

Better targeting

Sending newsletter emails can also make it easier for you to improve targeting. How? You are capable of adding surveys, polls or asking questions in emails to your subscribers about their interests or desired content. As people love to express their opinion they are likely to share their thoughts. And afterwards you can provide them with what they want and reach ever more people alike. Pretty nice, huh?

Boosting social sharing

Moreover, if you put some form of encouragement to share your content in social media there is a huge possibility that your subscribers will actually do it. To be clear – social media sharing has rather secondary advantages for your SEO as it does not officially impact your SEO ranking. However – the more engaged followers you have the broader audience you can reach. And being more visible and present in social media means having bigger possibilities of attracting inbound links which can help boosting SEO.

, increasing the visibility of your content, and thereby, its potential to attract inbound links. Including social media share icons and links to your profiles (or maybe even some of your latest posts) can help keep your

How to start email marketing

As you see email marketing does help in boosting SEO. Now – the only last thing to do is just to go ahead. You don’t need any deep expertise and hands-on experience to do it right but you need to know some little steps and good practices to do it properly. You should go through some kind of email marketing guide which will help you get familiar with the concept and create it right from scratch.

Digital marketing is such a complex area today that in order to succeed you should try out various options and concepts. Email marketing is one of the safest choice to make and not trying it is just depriving oneself of a powerful tool. And since starting email marketing is not rocket science it should already be on your to-do list 😉