How Entrepreneurs Can Hire Smart


Entrepreneurs are, by their very nature, movers and shakers.  They see an opportunity and they go for it. Occasionally they are inventors as well. If you are one of these go-getters, you may have created a business model that is now challenged by your lack of staff. 

As you consider what position you need to hire, here are some suggestions to help you tailor the job to what you actually need. Thinking strategically, how can you get the most for your money?

Skip the Sales Position

So, you opened a storefront and you simply can’t handle the job alone. Then part-time or even full-time employees may be in your future.  However, if that isn’t the case, you need to think about it before you hire someone into a sales position.

 Are you looking for a clone of yourself? Someone who is just as enthusiastic about your product as you are?  Someone who can make cold calls, snag prospects and close the deal?  You may not be able to find someone who is as good as you are.  This means you may be setting up yourself (and others) for failure by hiring a person who can’t do what you do.   If this is the case, keep reading. You may discover how you can free up your own time and have more time for pursuing sales opportunities.

Outsource the Bookkeeping

Maybe you haven’t considered whether you need a bookkeeper yet. Maybe you’ve been the bean counter for yourself for so long that you haven’t realized how it is dragging you down. You don’t have to hire a full-time bookkeeper to get a professional. It will save you money to find someone local who has the advanced software needed to handle your finances.  

Some entrepreneurs will say that they can do this themselves. However, the smarter ones recognize that this will free them up for the jobs they do the best. Why should you spend your time logging all the transactions and paying all the bills?  With good record-keeping, you may get answers faster, helping you know how many crane mats were sold last month or how many more ruby red lipsticks sold than rose red in the last quarter.

Get Help with the Marketing

Entrepreneurs may be great at marketing, but how much of their time is it taking? What if they had more time for important things and spent less time on marketing? There are many agencies that offer to supplement what you are doing. There are businesses that help with social media, optimize your website with SEO terms, or run Google or Facebook ad campaigns. If you contract with them, you can take a step back in that area and put your talents to better use in areas that directly affect your cash flow.

Contract for the Specialized Position

Is there a specialized task that is beyond your skill set? Maybe you need an engineer who takes your invention to the next level. Maybe you need the skills of a computer whiz who can turn your app into a reality.  These specialized positions are essential, and if you can’t move forward without them, you definitely need to start looking for the right person for the job.

However, this doesn’t mean you should necessarily hire them full time.  You may be able to hire them on a contract basis. They work for you on an as-needed basis. This helps you maintain your bottom line while getting the help you need.

As you think about hiring, think about what is most cost effective for you. What type of employee or contracted service will take a burden off of you and allow you to continue to do what you do best? When you determine the answer, you’ll make the right hire for sure.