How Good is TorGuard VPN?


You might have heard of the term VPN but you are not familiar to using one? These days using a VPN is a must, it is equally important as the internet. There are so many service providers in the market so choosing the best one is a tough job. First of all you need to know what a VPN is; it’s Virtual Private Network which is a group of dissimilar networks within the same network via a public network. Most online businesses are using this to connect to remotely located data centers. Individuals can also use VPN to get access to resources that are not on the same LAN connection.

VPN abilities

The ability to use any virtual private network is a capability all computers must possess for privacy reasons. VPN is usually a paid service that helps in adding security to your web browsers, keeping it private even when you access from Wi-Fi hotspots. VPNs are also accessible to old regional restrictions for music and video streaming websites so that you can ignore the government censorship but this is a bit tricky.

How it works

While you connect to a VPN, you generally start on a VPN client on the computer, sign in with credentials and the computer interchanges keys with a remote server. Once the connection is securely launched, your internet communication is secure and there is no fear of eavesdropping.

Choosing a VPN provider

Now all the VPN service providers have their personal ‘one-click client’ so that you can get started in few seconds. It is better not to opt for free options due to the limitation in usage of bandwidth every month. A paid service like Tor Guard is always the best. You can read the Torguard review and you will find it impressive. VPNs are basically not very expensive, you just have to pay as little as $5 per month. Subscription VPN providers are always more serious about the privacy factor. They are not interested in showing ads, but their logging or storing your data use varies from one company to another. They initially offer free trails so that you can at first try out their service and then subscribe.

Full protection with a VPN

When the internet was first created, they did not think much about privacy but today it’s of utmost importance. These days many intelligent devices can be connected to the internet which are even more powerful than computers. Nothing about internet has changed much but the use of HTTPS has become a trend. Password managers and anti-viruses are definitely effective but a VPN is way more powerful. VPN does interfere with your computer speed but it’s of high importance. Encrypting your internet traffic is critical, thus VPN. All services have dissimilar interfaces but the functioning is more or less same. If you use one, it’s easy to use the others.

Price plays a role

Some of the best VPNs are private Internet Access, pro XPN, Tor VPN, Tor Guard and Wi Topia, all of these have different terms and pricing. Taking about the price, it’s important to keep your eyes open while reading the privacy policy for services you are interested in. It is very important to be aware of the difference between paid and free services.

What to look for in your service provider?

Firstly, check the kind of logging your VPN provider does which means what are the information they gather about your sessions and for how long is it stored. Do they record the IP addresses, the websites you view and the extent of bandwidth used and any other important information? Another thing to consider is the terms of use of the service provider, it basically varies.