How GPS Technology Can Improve Delivery Times in 2019

Technology in the hands

When it comes to delivery times, customer expectations are growing rapidly. Gone are the days of waiting a week for goods to arrive, as modern consumers now demand next-day (or even same-day) delivery services.

In fact, a recent study from Go People found that 65% of online retailers will offer same-day delivery by the end of 2019, while other research suggests that 74% of consumers are more likely to return to a business which offers such rapid delivery times. Although Amazon have undoubtedly played a significant role in these rising expectations, 65% of consumers say they’d be happy to switch retailers if they provided the same outstanding delivery service.

Since the eCommerce landscape is now so brutally competitive, faster delivery times are essential if you want your business to stand out from the crowd. So, how exactly can GPS fleet tracking help to improve your service?

Rapid Response

Through an effective GPS fleet system, you’ll be able to know exactly where your vehicles are at all times. Modern trackers will accurately pinpoint the exact location of your fleet from almost anywhere on the planet, allowing you to remotely check on the progress, route and journey history of every vehicle under your management.

More importantly, this technology ensures you can always deploy the nearest driver to a specific location; reacting quickly to any urgent situations or seamlessly resolving customer requests. Instead of waiting for a vehicle based miles away to complete the job, GPS means you can quickly figure out the most efficient solution and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

In addition, GPS tracking can be used to provide customers with a much more accurate delivery window, while some businesses will actually allow customers to track the entire journey online themselves. Of course, this level of control means you can always keep customers aware of any potential delays and issues out on the road.

Plan More Efficient Routes

However, when utilised effectively, GPS technology can actually help you avoid these delays altogether. Although your drivers will undoubtedly already have a planned route before they head out on the road, these routes are often scuppered by accidents, road works and adverse weather conditions; inevitably leading to cancelled deliveries and unsatisfied customers.

Since they provide a complete, real-time map of the entire area, GPS systems pick up on these issues and help you plan out the most efficient route possible. By monitoring traffic delays and speed limits, the use of a modern tracker ensures drivers can always arrive at their destination on time, avoiding particularly busy roads and ongoing roadworks.

Instead of spending the afternoon sat in traffic, drivers now have the resources to completely bypass any unnecessary interruptions, significantly improving delivery times and lowering fuel costs—providing savings you can then pass onto the customer. Since one in four UK consumers now expect free delivery on every order, lowering your delivery costs should be considered a top priority in 2019.

Increase Driver Productivity

Without question, GPS systems will enhance communication with your drivers and improve the overall efficiency of your operation. Not only does it help you plan better routes and complete more jobs, GPS allows you to monitor the behaviour of all your drivers and ensure they’re always operating productively.

By receiving full visibility of the course and speed of a particular delivery, you can always make absolutely sure that drivers aren’t venturing away from their designated route or spending too much time idle. Instead of worrying about what drivers are up to and why deliveries are being delayed, you can now keep a watchful eye on your fleet while it’s out on the road.

When drivers recognise their journeys are being monitored and tracked, this will inevitably encourage them to act much more professionally; driving in a safe and sensible manner without the temptation to bunk off for half an hour. Ultimately, when all your drivers are more productive, the speed of your deliveries will inevitably improve.

Stay Ahead of Maintenance Issues

There’s nothing more frustrating than a vehicle breaking down on the way to a delivery. As well as resulting in significant amounts of wasted time and a loss of productivity, you also have to worry about the cost of carrying out any repairs.

Fortunately, modern GPS systems can be set up to provide alerts every time a vehicle is due for scheduled maintenance. So, instead of worrying about your vehicles constantly encountering problems out on the road, you can make sure you never miss a repair again and that all vehicles are being kept in a healthy state.

When you’ve taken steps to prolong the life of your fleet, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of any unexpected breakdowns and failed deliveries. While cancelled deliveries will typically prove incredibly frustrating for your customers, a more streamlined and reliable delivery service will ultimately keep them coming back for more.