How Having an In-House Graphic Designer Can Boost Your Website Traffic


Business is competitive. Having an online presence is almost a requirement for companies in today’s increasingly digital world. There are a number of different ways to drive visitor traffic to your website – and one of the most effective is having an in-house graphic designer.

Dedicated graphic designers can keep your visual identity up-to-date, craft supplementary marketing materials that can be linked back to your page, and – most importantly – make sure your website just looks good.

Here’s a quick run-down of what an in-house graphic designer can do for your website traffic.

  1. Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Well-made, attractive websites are a boon for SEO purposes. Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the practice of improving a page’s rankings on different search engines organically. The criteria used in rankings usually involve determining the credibility of a site. Credibility can be built by implementing and maintaining certain visual design features that direct traffic to your site and encourage them to stay long periods of time.

An in-house designer will constantly be looking for ways to improve what you already have, even if only in minute ways. If you find a visual feature has been hindering traffic flow, a full-time designer can immediately set out to fix the problem and get visitors back on your site.

Even if you’re satisfied with your website, regular updates can have hidden SEO benefits as well. Search engines like websites that are being constantly maintained and posting dynamic content, so swapping in new images or making small improvements to the layout can boost your rankings.

Make Full Use of Social Media

Graphic designers can make bespoke online content to be hosted on your site and shared through social media. Unique images, infographics, and other pieces of visual content are more eye-catching than plain text, so the more eyes you draw, the more traffic you gain.

Social media is a powerful tool for generating prospective leads, so it can’t be neglected or left to an agency that doesn’t truly understand your company. Not everyone will find your page through a search engine, so making use of social media to catch attention and point to your website is critical. A graphic design agency may be able to create social media content for you, but an in-house graphic designer can do it faster and with a much more intimate understanding of your brand.

  1. Stay Fresh Without Breaking the Budget

Saving money may be the reason you may initially seek out a company to do your graphic design for you, but hiring an in-house designer can actually save you more money in the long run and add value to your overall brand. The cost of outsourcing web design and the creation of marketing materials and other collaterals can add up quickly over time because design isn’t a static thing.

You may only need to make a logo one time for your company, but websites need regular updating and digital marketing materials that drive traffic to your site need to be consistently produced. This ultimately means all the money you save by hiring someone in-house can be redirected toward other marketing efforts to bring visitors your web presence.

  1. Keep Visitors on Your Page for Longer

First impressions matter. A visitor to any page will know right away if it’s worth their time simply from the way it looks. Graphic design and user experience (also called UX, in website design terms) go hand in hand, and unappealing sites are often difficult to use.

According to research done by Adobe, around 38% of consumers will stop engaging with a website entirely if the content layout isn’t visually attractive. A nice-looking site is inherently engaging and encourages visitors to stay longer, which in turn improves your search engine rankings.

With all this in mind, you can see why it’s a smart business move to hire a graphic designer. Of course, having an in-house designer isn’t the only way to drive traffic to your website! For more ways to raise your rankings and generate leads, visit