How is Instagram Better than Other Social Media Sites?


Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites these days, and as time progresses the developers of Instagram have made it their goal to take over the online world. This aim has guided them to take some actions and measures regarding the site that places it a notch above its counterparts.

This article will analyze and conclude why Instagram followers hold a lot more worth than following on any other social medium.

  1. Selective Audience

Some users of social media platforms do not like to give away a lot of information to those who they do not know, but in most cases an ID is considered to be a bogus one if it does not have a display picture of the person himself or herself and there is no significant information provided on the page.

On Instagram, the privacy options fall exactly according to your need. Who can track you, view your posts or connect with you is totally up to your discretion, so if you want a small community of the people you know only then Instagram is indeed the best social media site.

  1. Great Features

Instagram has never lost the quality of social service it provides to users, and is still home to some of the best image filters, fast uploads and an active number of people online all the time. In addition, ever since the introduction of the ‘Instagram Story’ feature, other applications which are essentially based on the same feature such as Snapchat are having a bit of an audience dry up. This is because on Instagram, your stories will go out to your entire list with the exceptions of those you do not want, and in Snapchat it is the opposite.

Facebook and Whatsapp soon followed suit, but Instagram stories have indeed stormed the place and it does not look like there will be a takeover anytime soon.

  1. Expanding Horizons

This term is sufficient to describe the usage of hash tags in social media; you get to connect to those people who you are not familiar with but share similar interests with. In addition, they can be used to get your message across to a particular set of people, for example, if you are an artist who uploaded her painting and want one of the most famous art stores in town to recognize your effort, simply add the hash tag of the name of the store to get your work across to them.

The use of hash tags has been very exceptional in Instagram and has contributed in many people getting a lot of positive recognition.


Let us not exclude the fact that Instagram also allows you the feature to directly message the person you want to and start a conversation thread with him or her, and you can quite simply chat using pictures too because Instagram is mostly about them. Alter your settings, personalize your page, and enjoy quality time on Instagram as a regular user, a product seller or a celebrity.