How is technology helping to Improve Field Work Productivity


The way people are working today is completely different from how they used to work a decade ago. This was because of the tremendous rise of technology. The technological advancements have made most of the working processes fast, simple, and effective. Technology has always given employers and employees new tools that would make their workflow smoother. The performances of companies have seen an increase when they started using the latest technology to achieve their goals. A company’s productivity is the key factor in determining its value in the market. When the company is not as productive as it should be it will have a negative impact on the entire organization. In simple words, a company’s productivity not being high only means that it is on the verge of collapse. Because it clearly shows nobody is doing their jobs properly. Low productivity means employees are not putting enough effort to complete their work given to them and managers are failing at managing the projects. 

No company wants its productivity to drop. In fact, companies are always trying to find out more ways in which they effectively boost their productivity. What are the ways in which productivity can be increased? It might be one of the most asked questions by the head of every company.  Be it a small or large company that does not matter as everyone has the same goal. And many companies have actually found and implemented ways through which they have successfully boosted their productivity. Having short breaks between work and encouraging employees to play games for a short period are some of the example exercises which have shown to improve a company’s productivity. 

However, what the companies fail to realize is that these are only effective on people who are working in office spaces. These practices are not at all helpful for the people who are doing fieldwork. For those who don’t know fieldwork is when people are working out in the field. They might be managing projects or collecting data about them. These people’s productivity cannot be increased like the ones in the office spaces. You need a different approach as they are outside the office most of the time.

Below are some ways in which can help you increase the productivity of your workforce that is working on the field.

Using mobile forms

This will solve a chunk of problems that are faced by on-field workers all the time. If you know about fieldwork you know how important it is to collect accurate data. Traditionally all the data was carried in documents but times have changed. Nowadays no one is using paper firms to track their work as it very laborious. Just imagine carrying papers wherever you go it is very hard to manage them. Above all, you have to make sure they don’t go missing, and finding an essential document takes a lot of time when you are dealing with paper. Save all that time by providing mobile forms to employees who are doing fieldwork. Mobile forms are applications that can be used on tablets or smartphones to collect data. A mobile form is an easy way to collect, store, and share data. It is the easiest way for all the employees to access data if you upload the mobile forms to the cloud. You can collect the data and submit it in real-time using mobile forms.

Communicate with precision

Communication is the most important factor if you want to increase productivity. One has to have the ability to communicate exactly what they want and what is happening. It is easy to communicate with all of your staff when they are in one place but what would happen when they are far away. It is very difficult to communicate with your employees when they are on the field all the time. Use technology to communicate better with your employees. Workers need to have better access to information related to business, customers, and other members of their team. The best way to access all this information is through using technologies that help in communication. So make sure that you are using the latest technologies that are very mobile-friendly. Being mobile friendly is very essential as it is very easy to share information through smartphones. 

Delegation of work

You should be careful when you are delegating fieldwork. This is because not all the employees in fieldwork know every job that is related to it. Apart from that, the team is constantly traveling so you should know where they are at all times. You should delegate work depending upon the skills and strengths of an employee. If a team is doing some work in a specific part of the city you cannot expect them to travel to the opposite side of the city to do another work. You should know that it will take a lot of time and effort for them just to travel. Traveling long distances will definitely take a toll on them and they can perform their duties efficiently. This will not only decrease their productivity but you also get bad results. Use technology to know the exact location of your teams and send the team that is nearest to the job site.

Give field manuals to your employees

You cannot expect your employees to know everything related to their line of work. Most of the employees are good at a few things which they specialize in. Even after that, they might not know some things related to the work as each field has its own nuances. Provide them field manuals which will give them complete information about various aspects of their work. Working on the field has its own challenges as they have to make some changes at the last minute. If there are any changes you want to make you just simply do it in the field manuals. Make sure your staff is using gadgets that can access the internet so that they can be updated if any changes are made in real-time.

Time Management

Time management is an essential skill that everyone needs to learn, especially in the business world. The more time your employees waste the less they are which in turn makes your company less productive. This is very crucial in employees who are always on the field because their job is influenced by a lot of external factors. You must make sure that they are completing their tasks in a given time. One can do this by using a good task management tool. Project management software can help you in ways you never think about. Task management tools help you in assigning tasks, sending updates, notification, and monitoring the project from start to finish. You can assign the tasks through these tools and your employees will get notified within no time. This will give them an idea about the work at the beginning of the day which helps them in strategizing a better way to complete the task.


Any work that involves employees to leave the office and work outdoors is called fieldwork. This is often the least talked about part of every organization but one has to keep in mind that they are also a very essential part of the company. It is very important to equip them with the right tools so that they work efficiently. A project can be 70% over budget if the employees are not productive in the fieldwork. No company wants this to happen. This can be avoided if the companies use the latest technology to empower the workers on the field to increase their productivity. Use mobile-friendly technologies to ensure that they are always in touch with you through the internet. Make use of task management tools and mobile forms to have all the information related to an ongoing project. Only technology can bridge the gaps between workers who are on-field and workers who are in the o use to its fullest potential.offices.