Marketing automation platforms handle all aspects of a business’s marketing in one place – saving huge amounts of time and therefore money. While some companies still have expansive marketing departments that use multiple programs and suites to do their work, others have invested in one effective piece of software that enables them to do everything they were doing, but in a much more streamlined manner.

These programs can allow you to dabble with AI, create custom graphics, and easily curate and send out email campaigns – all within the same platform! Read on to find out why your business should get on board with a marketing automation suite.

  1. Manage all your marketing tasks in the same place

Rather than using multiple platforms to perform social media, advertising, and email marketing, do it all through one program and save yourself a lot of time, money and confusion! By keeping things all together in one place, you’ll feel much more organised and on top of your projects.

It also means you don’t have to pay fees for multiple platforms – you pay one set fee for one program, potentially saving hundreds each month. 

  1. No need to learn complicated tricks

These programs do all the hard work for you. You don’t need to know Photoshop, coding, or anything like that – they usually come with full templates and ‘drag and drop’ builders to get your campaigns underway. They will be fully customisable, so that absolutely no one will know that you created your campaign using templates and not from a bespoke, from-scratch starting point.

This means that anyone can get going on the creative side of campaigns. You don’t need to call in specialist web developers or graphic designers – you can knock up some great-looking graphics yourself.

  1. Easily generate leads

Programs from the likes of are specifically designed to make lead generation as simple as can be. It encompasses website visitor tracking, IP look-up, visitor and company identifications, lead management abilities, and sales leads, doing all the hard work for you. Easily create follow up campaigns to nurture your leads into sales.

  1. Get on board with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, has become an invaluable resource to marketers – it can allow you to predict with scary accuracy the click-through rates from email marketing and more before the campaign has even gone live. It can also analyse so well that it will give you a run-down of options through which you can increase your click-through rates.

AI algorithms are becoming so much more sophisticated and useful: harnessing it now could see your business get ahead by miles before other companies have even considered implementing it. It will produce interesting data quickly, cheaply and efficiently, leaving you to get on with more important tasks.

  1. Additional services

As well as the software itself, the companies that offer it often supply lots of additional services to businesses. This includes copywriting, social media, consultancy for marketing strategies, account management, all kinds of creative services, and much more. They can even help with your business’s GDPR opt in strategy, which will become law on the 25th May 2018 to better protect the data of individuals online. Businesses found to be not compliant with this law will be heavily fined.

Navigating all these factors within a business requires massive amounts of time and money if you were to undertake all the hard work yourself – but it can be significantly sped up and made cheaper by investing in a specially-dedicated professional marketing service. If you run a small business, or a large one looking to simplify processes and save money, investing in marketing automation software is undoubtedly the way to go. Look into software programs from brands such as CommuniGator, Act-On, Drip, GreenRope, and tons more to find out which has the best functions for what you need.