How Mortgage Loan Officers Can Use Technology to Get More Business


Loan officers should be offering free online tools for their visitors such as loan calculators, real-time rates and also using technology more like BNTouch marketing tools to help them get more business. One recent poll in the mortgage industry shows that most active loan officers still use the same marketing techniques that were developed way back in 2008. You may recall that the year was marked by extreme recession and the mortgage industry had to improvise to stay afloat. The techniques like aggressive flyer distribution and mailing ads somehow worked.

While such techniques may still be useful, they no longer suit the current economic climate. With global marketing relying heavily on the internet, tools like the one mentioned earlier can help make loan officers stand out from the rest. Here’s how loan officers can use technology to get more business.

Review Your Online Presence

Your potential clients will very likely look you up on the internet if they are interested in what you are offering. Review your online presence including your social networking pages, websites, listings and profiles. Check if everything is in order, especially your contact details. Review your social media posts and photos to see if you need to delete anything inappropriate. Your website and social media page should look professional and be free of any unnecessary clutter. If you are one of the remaining few who doesn’t have any presence online, you better establish one fast.

Make Your Presence Felt

Your social media pages are your best bet in making your online presence felt. Sharing engaging posts, relevant articles and other shareable content to make your social networking pages active will help spread awareness of your brand. With higher online visibility, you’ll increase your chances of earning more business. Remember to keep your posts interesting by including shareable original photos and even doing Facebook live to increase your audience engagement.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

To increase audience engagement in your social media posts even more, you can promote it via paid social media ads. This type of digital advertising is cost-effective in that you can customize your ads to target a particular ZIP code, profession and client demographic. Social media ads will establish your online presence further and help you expand your network some more.

Polish Your Email Marketing Strategy

Rather than send out generic emails, make the extra effort to address the usual questions that your clients often ask. Write about relevant topics that can affect the current mortgage climate. This method will help keep your mind in the game, and it also increases the chances of your email to be forwarded, shared or referred.


Technology allows you to automate the online distribution of your content through emailing and social media sharing. While this may seem impersonal, it improves your marketing efficiency immensely. It not only helps you save time and money, but it also frees you up to employ other marketing strategies outside of the internet. This may include attending seminars and volunteering in your community.

The tool mentioned earlier in this article can provide you with the automation you need in terms of email and short message service (SMS) marketing. The tool also has other features that can help you in other aspects of online marketing. These include lead generation, collaboration features and the creation of websites, landing pages and mobile apps.