How Nearshore Staff Augmentation Can Meet a Company’s IT Needs


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 1.4 million computing jobs will be open by 2020, and yet there will only be 400,000 computer-science graduates with the necessary set of skills to fill them. This is a reality for many countries in the world, not just the U.S. How can companies remedy this situation? One of the most popular solutions to this problem today is software staff augmentation.

What is Software Staff Augmentation?

Software staff augmentation is a strategy to help tech companies close the “skills gap” and hire top level IT professionals without having to go through a stressful recruitment process or incurring in the costs linked to any new-full time employee.

Basically, staff augmentation companies match the IT skills required by a business in order to complete short- and long-term projects with professionals in other countries, creating an temporary extension of the in-house team.  It provides flexibility in the workforce, simplifies and cut costs in the hiring process and saves IT recruiters a considerable amount of time searching for the right candidates.

The benefits

 The reasons why this model has become so popular in recent years is because it solves a wide array of problems companies have had until now when dealing with IT talent shortage. Some of these are:

1. Reduces Geographical Limitations

The demand for developers and other IT specialists has outgrown supply exponentially, and local talent has become increasingly harder to find. Staff augmentation allows companies to connect with professionals from other countries without going through the hassle of having to find them themselves.

2. Cuts Recruitment Times

Tapping the labor pool can be extremely time-consuming, especially when such skills are rare or there is no recruitment team dedicated to searching for the best talent. By having a growing and updated database of professionals from which to choose from, staff augmentation companies can match candidates to specific requirements in a matter of days.

3. Cuts Costs

Due to the growing demand for IT professionals, turnover rates have reached incredibly high levels, forcing companies to invest more in their infrastructure and benefits in order to attract and keep their employees. Costs in new equipment, licenses, software, office supplies, bonuses, contributions, etc. continue to grow to the point where it becomes too expensive for companies to deal with.

Staff augmentation is the perfect way to avoid having to constantly upgrade the infrastructure and benefits, because workers perform their tasks remotely, with their own equipment in their own private offices. Additionally, hiring costs are also lower than the average freelance/remote U.S. worker and supply is higher.

Why choose nearshore outsourcing for staffing purposes

Although there are companies in the U.S. that provide services of this kind, by hiring international firms, companies can access a wider talent pool without compromising quality.

One of Latin America’s newest yet promising nearshore staff augmentation companies is Nearsure. This company was specifically created to efficiently grow the teams of US companies that are struggling to find affordable local talent to meet their short-term IT needs.

Selecting only the top professionals in the South American region through a rigorous hiring process, Nearsure provides a cost-effective solution for nearshore staffing needs, providing not only affordable, but also English-speaking professionals that live in the same time zone as the companies, that have cultural affinity to the U.S., reducing the risk of incompatibility.

Staff augmentation is steadily becoming one of the most popular hiring models due to its flexibility, speed and convenience. If you are struggling to find accessible talent, this might be the perfect solution for your troubles.