How Office Design Can improve productivity and drive happiness


The driving force in the workplace happiness is the happy employees which makes a better business. When it comes to improving the designing infrastructure of the office space is growth opportunities, appreciation, and flexible hours which come into play. Each employee spends almost 8-9 hours at work. On a typical work environment, employees have their targets, reports, deliveries, meetings etc.

Workplace environment should be designed in such a way that does not add to the already existing hassles of work life. With the flexibility, even the office Furniture at Work also plays a notional shift which is occurring in the workplaces. Even some of the organizations hiring chief happiness officer(CHO) to catch up with all these. Thus, CHO creates a supportive workplace to make their employees feel engaged, fulfilled and empowered wherever and whenever the employees are working.

Different ways of Working

There are four key areas which are available for the present day employees which cater to focus, collaboration, learning and socializing. This is not merely giving an open floor or a cubicle to work on, it is all about giving them the multiple options of working. Even Companies such as SAP, LinkedIn, Cisco etc have innovative hubs, conference rooms, and presentation rooms. Where along with employees furniture also plays a significant role. So the key is to shift away from having a floor plan to incorporating and integrating multiple plans.

Friendly environment

Having workplaces which are exciting and beautiful to the employees has become more productive these days. Cubicles, office desks, office chairs, lighting, cabinets all work collectively to the environment which makes an inspired work area. Overall the mood changes after stating investment to change the ambience of the office. People will love to come to the office instead of looking at the time.


Considering the workplace as crowded or congested have a negative impact on both productivity and creativity. Having a crowded office will make a tiring experience for the employee as it affects the movement also. Movement in the office helps the employees to have a meaningful conversation with the other colleagues and collaborate the work. This conversation helps in resolving office issues. The free moment also helps to release the stress coming from the negative thoughts and melancholy from the employees.

Workplace design

Workplace design even has an impact on the retention of staff. According to the survey, 48% of employees feel that the workplace design has a direct influence on the decision as to work with the employer or not. There is no one size fits all kind of employees. It has to apply for everyone for all the time.

According to the survey, flexibility in working is how and where the work is. and Half of them remarked that having personal cabinets and desks are essential.

Having an office layout offers a variety of configurations and spaces. This importance that pertains to flexibility often applies to the posture. In regards to the priorities, it is all about the personal and comfortable space.

Employees spend half of the waking hours in the workplace. Many offices need their employees to work more. Some of the offices even encouraged to work from home. Whether it is an office or a home one should always keep in mind about the cubicles. There are several things to make the office a better for the wellbeing and health of the employees. There is always a need for the office makeover. On top of all the things, Health is a requirement for happiness, and thereby modern offices are designing their infrastructure with the idea of wellness for their office employees. Treadmill, Yoga Hall, Walking track has become a crucial part in the infrastructure building in addition to the workspaces.

Master the Technology

Just catering to the simple comforts can have a high impact on the employees’ productivity. Numerous technological innovations have proved to help simplify the jobs and tasks, in turn, reducing the efforts and improving efficiency. With the rising millennial workforce, companies have to keep in mind about the level of automation these millennial generation minds have gone in their personal lives. Thus trying to reducing the gaps in their career life.


Spending 8-9 hours of working day inside the office deprives the employees of the natural environment. Offices at present are trying to connect to nature and increase productivity. While connecting with nature even the employees have improved their health. Having said that, offices are incorporating to include the natural elements both outside and inside of the office. This promotes the office culture and brand.

On the whole, As per the University of Melbourne, on the workday taking 40 seconds microbreak and looking at nature or just seeing the pictures of nature improves the productivity.

Comfortable, is the key
The relationship between employees and the work area is vital. The modern work area is no longer static. With the increased remote employees and growth rate of startup companies, a flexible design has been a crucial thing. One of the necessary elements to implement this trend into the office space is to design it with a comfortable furniture.

For instance, workstations that convert the desks into standing desks, areas which serve both as lounges and meeting rooms, movable walls, Opting for leather office chairs, and suitable meeting tables etc. It also makes sense when the comfortable work environment is provided, employees show more productivity at work.

Ensure that the range of workspace options and seating are more on an individual level. For a combined workplace, think of renting the office furniture which has a look of both contemporary and traditional by creating a space which is visually enticing for the employees.


Everyone loves an exciting office environment, be it a happy day or a happy team. However, there are numerous design factors which contribute to the working style of the people. Nowadays even employers are thinking about bringing a conducive environment to work. At present, it has become a debate about how to design the office environment to increase productivity and a fun workspace. Companies are also bringing in the change concerning interaction with the employees, location within the office, health, furniture, and psychology. Besides, more companies are doing research and investing to know and creating a flexible working environment.