How Online Review Platforms Help the Consumer Community


Online review platforms are putting more education, knowledge and power in the hands of modern consumers. These online sites allow consumers to leave comments and tell stories about experiences that they have with different brands. Such platforms are excellent for consumers because they provide them with all the facts that they need to make informed decisions before they spend their money on a business’s products or services. Reviews can even help improve the safety of people. For example, take companies like Low Cost Interlock, which make devices preventing drunk drivers. The products these companies provide are for the safety of others and having reviews from other customers helps to ensure the quality of these life-saving devices.

What Are Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews are consumer experiences. They provide details about the way that a business treated them as a consumer and a member of society. Think of online reviews as word of mouth advertising but on a much wider platform. Everyone has a different style of reviewing, but reviews usually include information about pricing, product and service quality and customer service. The service part of a review often takes up the biggest portion of it. Customers appreciate excellent service, and they abhor poor service. Consumers feel like they are looking out for each other when they tell a story about a company that does not provide high-quality service. They feel like they are doing some indirect justice by possibly preventing someone else from going through the experience. The system works, too, because many people base their decisions off of reviews that they read online.

How Consumer Reviews Affect Businesses

Reviews affect businesses in several ways. The first way they affect businesses is that they make them more competitive. Once a business sees the consumer reaction to bad service, it starts trying to make things better so that those customers don’t go to the competition. Reviews affect businesses by making them more attentive to their customers’ needs, as well. Thirdly, it creates a sense that someone is watching. Businesses are more likely to treat people kindly when they know that their customers will type the bad experiences for the world to see, and they will lose prospects because of it.

How Reviews Affect Consumers

Online reviews instill a sense of trust among consumers. They know that they can visit a platform and hear the truth about places that they are considering visiting. they feel that their peers will help to shield them against bad business, dishonesty, mistreatment and so on.

Online Review Platforms to Consider

Many online review sites are out there for consumers to use, but they naturally flock to the ones that are most popular. TripAdvisor is a popular one. People can visit TripAdvisor if they are thinking about staying in a hotel or eating in a restaurant away from home. Yelp is another highly popular site that includes more of a variety of businesses than Trip Advisor does. The names of some other popular review sites are Consumer’s Checkbook and Angie’s List. They all consist of a community of people who offer their reviews as a service to the community. Some review sites reward their top reviewers with points and badges. Others may issue prizes or cash. The Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs are also two places that consumers can go to talk about their experiences. The reviewers have to provide significant proof that they did business with the company that they are discussing. An example of proof is a receipt from the company or statements that such a company sent when it was doing business with the person.

Consumers can sign up with any of those sites and start leaving information about their experiences. It will be helpful to consumers and businesses in the future.