How Repairable is The iPhone X?


The iPhone X was a really hot phone when it came out. It was different, brimming with features, and it was beautiful. Apple’s stainless-steel frame and glass back made the phone look amazing. This was also the first time the world was introduced to the notch display. The display that soon became a hot design trend that was adopted throughout the smartphone industry. But all of this came with a few catches; the biggest one being the price tag. The iPhone X was a ridiculously expensive phone.

One could say that the iPhone X was the turning point where Apple decided to completely embrace its premium image. Ever since then, Apple has started releasing products that are insanely priced. In fact, some of Apple’s latest products have a very one-sided price to value ratio. Despite its price, the iPhone X sold like crazy (like every other Apple product). But people soon began realizing that this phone was as fragile as it was expensive. The bezel-less screen was really easy to crack, and expensive to repair. The iPhone X screen repair can set you back by a couple of hundred dollars if you go to Apple without insurance.

The phone’s glass back was really fragile as well. And to make things worse, Apple decided to fuse the fragile glass panel with the phone’s back. What this means is that the entire glass panel is held in place with a permanent adhesive. And unlike in other phones, this adhesive is applied to the entire back panel. This makes it really hard to disassemble the phone from the back. All of these design choices made the iPhone X one of the most repair-unfriendly phones out there. However, despite everything that Apple did to make their phones harder to repair, people still came through.

The iPhone X is a really tough repair job, but it is not impossible to repair. People had a hard time finding repair services for this phone when it first came out. But now, you can find reliable repair services for this phone in a number of places. You are no longer dependent on Apple for your repairs. You can turn to a number of third-party repair labs that can provide you with the same quality of service as Apple. And they can do that in a shorter amount of time and for way less money.

What Can You Repair on The iPhone X?

If you go to Apple’s official website for repairs, you will be presented with a handful of basic repair options. Apple will repair your screen, battery, and back panel for a hundred or so dollars if you have AppleCare. However, if you don’t have AppleCare then your wallet is in for a bad time. The company will charge you nearly 50% of your phone’s price for a measly repair.

The Apple website makes your repair options look really bleak. But don’t panic, your iPhone X is definitely repairable, and you will not have to pay half a grand for a basic repair. Any reputable third-party repair lab can repair all kinds of damage that your phone may sustain. And for a very small amount of money. Here’s a list of what kind of repairs can be done for the iPhone X.

  • The phone’s screen can be repaired without much difficulty. As long as one has access to the right tools, the screen is easy to take out and replace. An average screen replacement for this phone will cost you no more than $60-$90. And you will not have to worry about the quality of parts either. Spare parts for Apple phones are very easy to obtain. In fact, you an order them online yourself.
  • The phone’s battery can be replaced easily as well. But unlike normal phones, the iPhone X’s battery is accessed from the front. The back panel is near impossible to remove without breaking. So, the phone is disassembled from the front by removing the screen.
  • The phone’s camera units and speakers can be replaced as well if they get damaged. Just like with the battery, the phone is disassembled from the front rather than the back.
  • The back panel itself can be replaced as well if you end up breaking it. The back-panel replacement process is quite tricky, but repair labs with the right tools can manage it successfully.
  • Advanced repair labs can even carry out repairs as complex as motherboard repairs.

Basically, the iPhone X is not impossible to repair. It is hard to repair, but not impossible. Keep in mind that you should only rely on repair labs that are experienced with this phone. Luckily, a lot of repair labs have experienced Apple technicians on hand. In 2020, you shouldn’t have to worry about your iPhone X’s repairability.