How Small Businesses can Improve Sales Lead Generation with Email Personalization in B2B Email Marketing


As current digital marketing technologies advance, the age-old instrument of email remains one of the most remarkable and most cost-effective ways to reach many prospects. Multi-channel marketing campaigns have evolved with greater features resulting in email marketing development to help you target your audience in powerful ways. Your email marketing approach can substantially impact customer experience through personalization, ultimately creating success for your business goals.

The future of B2B email marketing campaigns needs to be personalized as most users view promotional emails as similar to spam. Email marketing indicates a dynamic approach with personalized results. As per Statista, the count of global email users is bound to reach up to 4.6 billion users. With such a significant user base, it is ideal for marketing teams to take advantage of emails by sending personalized messages directly to their target demographic. The multiple factors affect internet, requiring marketers to update their email marketing campaigns accordingly. Many marketers buy small business email lists for their marketing but fail to give a personalized touch while doing email marketing.

In this article, we cover:

  • What is Email Personalization?
  • Remarkable Email Personalization Statistics for Smart Marketers
  • Prominent Benefits of Adapting Email Personalization
  • Venture into the world of Personalized Emails with Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Elements for the Future of Email Personalization
  • Optimize your Audience Reach with Email Personalization Contents

What is Email Personalization?

When marketers leverage subscriber data within their email content to deliver tailored emails to the individual, it is termed Email Personalization. Marketers utilize this strategy to make their subscribers feel important by gathering subscriber data and segmenting them into specialized mailing lists. The approach with a relevant and personalized database has enhanced revenue and email open rates.

Prospects anticipate personalized and accurate content in terms of online and offline data. Personalized email campaigns enhance your click-through rates with an impactful outcome on your sales revenue and ROI.

Remarkable Email Personalization Statistics for Smart Marketers

  • Consumers said they only respond to personalized messages, according to 72% of the respondents -SmarterHQ
  • 58% of revenue is generated through targeted and segmented emails -DMA
  • Personalization can increase sales by 10% or more and provide 5-8 times return on marketing investments -Forbes 
  • Increased customization resulted in enhancement of email interactions, according to 50% of businesses -Experian
  • 66% of marketers are attempting to secure internal resources to implement personalized marketing campaigns -Epsilon
  • The most popular strategy to increase prospect engagement for email marketers is message personalization -HubSpot

Prominent Benefits of Adapting Email Personalization

Successful email marketing strategies include personalization. Multiple emails are received and sent every day, forcing recipients to sort through them. As a result, an increasing number of recipients flag emails as spam, disregard them, or never open them at all. Fortunately, the advantages of tailored email marketing extend beyond open rates and click-through rates to subscriber loyalty.

  1. Increased Open Rates

Initially, personalized titles, subject lines, and email bodies produce higher open rates. The reason for the improvement in the email open rate is due to the higher appearance of relevance to the recipients. At the very least, they appear to regard them as less spam, which raises the likelihood of them being opened. Compared to non-personalized emails, an increase in the email open rate is significantly improved.

  1. Increased Click-Through Rates

The next phase is for recipients to click on the offers in your emails after they have opened them. Naturally, the relevancy of the offer is critical in this step, which includes personalization. You can tailor your offers to get a higher CTR by tapping into your audience data. However, specific figures may vary over time while the benefit is apparent.

  1. Increased Conversion Rates

On the other hand, personalization has advantages when it comes to conversion rates. After all, open rates and click-through rates are only valuable for your business if they result in sales. Personalization appears to have less, but still significant advantages in this regard.

  1. Limited Unsubscribe Rate

Aside from conversions, personalized email marketing has other advantages, such as customer retention and loyalty. Personalization aids in ensuring objective importance for a successful marketing campaign where your email receivers will be less likely to unsubscribe. Excessive emails are frequently the outcome of insufficient personalization. As a result, maintaining relevance may require you to participate less frequently, as your fewer interactions become more important.

  1. Improved Customer Retention Rate

The customer retention rate can be increased with a personalized email message relevant to the subscribers interest. You can maximize your sales opportunities with personalization techniques and emails that stand out.

Venture into the world of Personalized Emails with Effective Marketing Strategies

Email personalization values customers at a higher level with a cost-effective approach. Email marketing extends beyond personalization with customer data. Unlike other marketing techniques, emails offer a targeted approach with personally engaged campaigns on a deeper level. We have listed some email personalization strategies for increased sales and marketing metrics:

  • Personalization suggestions: Marketers can look back at the customers previous email marketing purchases and offer new content and items based on that information. This strategy can help your business generate higher revenue and ROI.
  • Relevant information: B2B marketers can utilize AI tools to include relevant data based on purchase history, customer interests, and previous interactions. According to the customer’s purchase process, relevant information can improve the response rate.
  • Segmented Lists: By mapping the Buyers Journey, B2B marketers can personalize email messages according to customer segments based on multiple criteria like purchase history, customer interests, location, and more.

Elements for the Future of Email Personalization

  1. Prioritize data relevancy

While new client acquisition will always be a top focus for growth, existing customers should not be overlooked. Increasing conversion rates and income earned through email by bringing clients back to the site with relevant targeted one-to-one messages is a highly effective strategy to enhance conversion rates and revenue.

  1. Value for Timely Emails

Another characteristic of a personalized email is that it must be sent on time. You can figure out what kind of material your subscribers require at a given stage of their customer journey with you if you collect enough data about them. The significance of delivering emails on time intensifies the resultant profit with personalized customer experiences.

  1. First-party Email Message

Reliable first-party data aids to successfully personalize the customer experience. This information helps identify customers, determine their intent, and deliver personalized email messages.

Optimize your Audience Reach with Email Personalization Contents

Listed below are 5 types of personalized email techniques to execute marketing campaigns immediately:

  1. Dynamic content

You can control the viewership of your content in each block of an email by utilizing dynamic content. This implies that you can show different email content to different email lists for a given campaign. You can utilize your email service supplier to create numerous versions of the same email customized for different groups of subscribers based on your data about them.

  1. Benefit with integrations

You can develop data-enriched profiles that let you deliver highly tailored emails by linking your email platform with other sources of subscriber information. From there, you can use information like name, demographic data, purchase history, and more to make your emails more relevant and engaging right away.

  1. Maximize data relevancy with automation

Automated customer journeys are all about marketing to the right prospect at the proper time, like personalization. Emails are sent only after a subscriber takes a specific action or achieves a significant milestone, demonstrating that your business values every customer. Another advantage of email personalization is that it helps you catch key moments and convert them into opportunities for reconnection with your audience. The possibilities are boundless for this approach in terms of engagement and sales, loyalty programs, and beyond.

  1. Direct your emails to powerful landing pages

Personalization that starts in an email should carry over to a landing page. Build personalized landing pages with relevant content depending on the email that directs the user to the resulting landing page. You can coordinate the experience at the next destination for improved consistency by keeping your attention focused on the email message. The entire process has been simplified, and there is less uncertainty about how the reader can continue the conversion process.

  1. Re-engage with your Prospects

Keep your consumers from leaving and even win them back by personalizing their experience. Send a tailored email to a consumer who has unsubscribed from your email list or has stopped visiting your website. Start by sending them a personalized email expressing your gratitude, asking for comments, and requesting feedback. You can take it a step ahead and send them emails with unique offers specifically customized to their interests according to their purchasing and browsing habits.

Begin with Email Personalization to grow your ROI

Personalizing your email campaigns is an effective marketing technique to send highly targeted and relevant email content to your customers and prospects while also adding value to their experience. Simplify your process of email personalization with a reliable data provider like InfoGlobalData to deliver authentic and accurate targeted email lists. With this cost-effective marketing approach, personalized campaigns can be launched at ease. As a result, you’ll be able to boost the ROI and revenue of your business. Here are some pointers to remember:

  • Gather a massive number of prospect information to create the most effective tailored email
  • The highest levels of engagement and revenue are generated by personalized emails
  • Segment your lists to improve targeted marketing

There are numerous and significant advantages to targeted email marketing. It also helps enhance client retention rates and encourage loyalty with segmentation and automation solutions.