How SMBs Can Compete for Top Talent


 If you own a small business, you’re familiar with the up-and-coming feel they exude. We see SMBs everywhere. Just like the newly-open coffee shop down the street, your business began with determination to excel and overcome various obstacles. Everyone starts somewhere. It takes time and dedication to grow into a successful SMB.

Small businesses employ nearly half of the private U.S. workforce, so it’s obvious they have a huge impact on our economy and professional lives. However, only a shocking six percent of Gallup survey respondents believe that “doing more to help small businesses” will lead to more job creation. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why it seems difficult to find the right talent.

Although you’re not a corporation, you know you have a lot to offer to your employees. Here are a few ideas for hiring top talent as an SMB.

Emphasize Your Benefits

Start small. Emphasizing what your SMB offers employees is the first step in finding the best workers. Although you’re not a huge corporation, your small business actually has a lot to offer. For example, SMBs can give employees more room to grow, experiment, and innovate within their field. Rather than feeling lost in the large corporate vessel, an employee working for an SMB feels valued. So, your small business may find success attracting talent capable of inventing new products and services and implementing creative solutions to existing problems.

Promote Company Culture and Perks

Another way to find great talent for your SMB is to promote your company’s culture and perks you offer. You might not have a fully stocked cafeteria, but maybe your business is great about work-life balance and lets employees work from home twice a week. Or, maybe you have half-day Fridays or monthly team outings. Perks don’t have to be huge and flashy to be appreciated.

There’s also something to be said about offering your employees competitive benefits. Start with the foundation: a business insurance calculator will help you protect your workforce with workers’ compensation, liability coverage and more. Then make sure to cover your employees with paid time off and health insurance. This will help you attract and retain quality personnel.

Look at Your Hiring Practices

A major part of finding the right talent is using effective hiring practices. This begins with crafting a job description. Describe the job duties, responsibilities, skills, etc. of your ideal candidate for each position. Follow suit with carefully recruiting candidates, screening applicants, and conducting interviews. Figure out a process that fits your needs and you’ll be closer to finding the right person. At a certain point, you’ll be ready to make a job offer and train your new hire.

Make the Work Meaningful

It should come as no surprise that people are looking for meaningful work. According to a study from ADP Research Institute, the top factor affecting job consideration is the work itself. It’s common knowledge that many millennials continually express a need to make a meaningful impact through their work. If your company doesn’t already do this, consider a mentorship program. A program that pairs young employees with more-experienced professionals can offer employees a lot more than you think. It’s a positive experience for both mentor and mentee. It feels good implementing a program that does genuine good.

With these useful tips, you’ll be on your way to attracting top talent to your SMB. Remember to start with the basics. Emphasize your benefits, look at your hiring process, and promote perks. Showing candidates that you care about employees and the work itself is a sure way to find the top talent.