Building a business that works, with increasing income, is impossible without an effective method of lead generation. In marketing, lead generation is a strategy whose goal is to build a database of potential customers, leads. The problem is that it often takes a long time to find those contacts. That’s why the Snovio team has developed a platform that will save you time and effort in finding and reaching new leads.

What Precisely Is Snovio?

Snovio is a SaaS platform that provides its users with features to start and conduct a successful email marketing campaign. Snovio is an all-in-one easy-to-use tool that helps professionals and entrepreneurs to successfully pass through all email marketing steps: find email addresses, verify them, send an email campaign, and track emails.

Thanks to its innovative power, this platform is able to satisfy the needs of any company, either it is a huge corporation or a small startup searching for their first clients. Moreover, with this tool, one can find new leads in recruitment.

It is useful for any employer to look for the best candidates to connect their team or business decision makers with someone looking for new contacts. Snovio covers other information, for example, the company a person works for, their position or role in the company.

Snovio Is More Than A Lead Generation Tool

Creating leads can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Finding and contacting customers can be challenging, especially if you have to check many email addresses. Checking them manually one by one is time-consuming. This is where email verifier comes to rescue. This feature checks emails existence, their validity, and activeness. Thanks to this tool, the bounce rate will be reduced.

By means of Snovio cold email sender, you can send triggered email campaigns to your prospects: every time they perform a definite action, they can either receive another email, of this or that content. This is an easy-to-use email campaign builder based on the drag-and-drop system.

Advantages Of Using Snovio

Snovio is the complete package that includes all features necessary for a successful cold email campaign, starting with email addresses search and finishing with emails tracking. The greatest thing the platform offers is browser extensions for quicker workflow.

With Snovio add-on, users can conveniently surf websites in search of email addresses. Snovio technology also ensures that additional information about the target market is included in the database.

Snovio is 15 percent cheaper than other tools and platforms. You can contact up to 1,000 interested parties, and that costs only a little money.

The database is also updated automatically. Every time a customer’s data is updated, Snovio delivers quick and timely alerts.

The greatest thing about Snovio: paying once, you get access to all their features. This way, you’ll save money and time as well, as far as you won’t have to switch between platforms.



This Is How Snovio Works

As it was already mentioned, Snovio is an all-in-one tool that is used for cold outreach automation. To perform your cold email marketing campaign with ease, you will need four tools kindly provided by Snovio:

  • Email Finder: the browser extension searches for email addresses on any website in the blink of an eye;
  • Email Verifier: the tool checks email lists for existence, validity, and being active and used; every email on the list is marked with a correspondent color, so you can easily delete invalid ones;
  • Drip Campaign builder: easy-to-use drag-and-drop system enables you to create a triggered email campaign that will be sent to the recipients automatically;
  • Email Tracker: if you are a huge fan of Gmail, you can always track sent emails and be aware of how many times every email was opened and the link was clicked.

Need to know what technologies and marketing solutions your competitors are using? Now it’s easy: with Snovio Technology Checker, you can always be aware of all the tech details about your competitors, clients, or simply any platform.

Why Is Snovio Better Than Comparable Services?

Unlike other lead generation tools, Snovio knows the importance of websites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp for curation information.

The price of Snovio is the cheapest among competitors and provides all email marketing necessary tools, so you don’t have to switch between platforms. The software actually gives 100 Freemium credits, and the cheapest package costs only 29 USD for 1,000 potential clients.

Snovio has accurate filters that help recruiters and HRs find the most suitable applicants without hassle.

Snovio can not only find emails of your potential clients but send and track the emails as well. The platform will provide you with all the necessary statistics: how many emails were opened, how many links were clicked, and give you reply rate.

Within minutes, users can access and refer to thousands of prospects. This is far better than composing and sending emails to the recipients manually.

Who Are The Main User Groups Of Snovio?

Snovio is a solution for every person or company: either you are a recruiter, HR, CEO at a startup or sales manager in a huge corporation. The platform will be of great use as far as you can find leads, potential colleagues, cooperators, and many other, and start communicating with them on the go via email. This will help you increase sales and improve your cold outreach.

Taking advantage of Snovio tools, one can save time and money, quickly find and easily reach prospects and convert them.