How Start-ups Can Benefit from Serviced Offices


If you’re in the stage where your start-up is starting to see some growth, and you’re ready for  the next step of getting some office space, then serviced offices might be the best solution. There’s a lot on offer and many of the larger cities now have them in some great locations so you’ll be able to find the best fit for your business. We’ve popped some of the reasons below as to why serviced offices can really benefit your start-up.

Great locations

Location can be a big deal for a start-up, especially if you want to be in London. You want to be somewhere you can easily meet with clients, partners, investors and other people within your industry so being in the right location can help make this possible. For a lot of smaller companies being somewhere easily accessible that has a great location for staff to commute to can be a great benefit. Serviced offices are usually in great locations, so whether you want to be in the City, Soho or the up-market areas of Mayfair, there are plenty of locations to choose from.

Networking opportunities

One of the benefits of working within a serviced office is the networking opportunities. With more start-ups and smaller businesses choosing to operate from serviced offices, there are more opportunities to meet and network with like minded people. Who knows, there could be potential clients or business opportunities. Having the access to these offices also allows you to easily attend local networking events, which can lead to the possibility of finding some new business leads or future clients.

Flexible Options

There’s no longer the need for lengthy contracts or over priced fees that lock you in for years, you can be much more flexible when it comes to your working environment. You also have the flexibility to grow and you can expand your working space to accommodate your growing team. This is a great solution if you’re a smaller company or start-up who is after the flexibility to change as your business evolves. A lot of serviced offices also come with options to include things such as Wi-Fi, catering, air-conditioning and CCTV for added security. You can really tailor-make the services you get to suit your business needs.

Better for budgets

If you’re a smaller business on a tighter budget, then choosing a serviced office can often be better on your business bank account. You won’t be tied down with a hefty monthly lease and the extra bills that come with it. Having the more flexible option means you can be more certain of the costs you’ll be paying and won’t have to worry about unexpected payments coming out throughout the month. As we mentioned earlier, the serviced offices often come with catering facilities, which is another way your business can save some money, as you don’t have to worry about organising these things externally.