Technology brought a lot of comfort to the public, and the rise of modern living became prevalent around the world. The invention of new technologies made our lives easier, and it also improves the living condition of the public. However, the advancement of technology also has a negative side – despite the convenience that it brings to the public, millions are losing their jobs as machines are replacing them, especially in factories and offices. In the manufacturing industry, many people lost their jobs because business owners preferred the use of machinery, as it is cheaper to maintain. In offices, many people fear that they might lose their jobs to AIs which are becoming more intelligent.

One of the jobs that might see a drastic change in the future would be lawyers who are providing notary services. Today, people who need to have their documents notarized would need to look for the nearest firm providing notary services in their area. This is a hassle for most people, and it would also eat up their resources like time and gasoline. However, there have been recent changes introduced by a company called Superior Notary Services, as they promoted mobile notary services for people who need to have their documents notarized but do not have the time to leave their homes. The company provides notaries who can visit homes, serving people all over the country. This concept has been praised by millions of people all over the United States because of the convenience that they bring. The company predicted that the advent of mobile notary services would eradicate on-site firms because, in the present, people tend to stay inside their properties and prefer the services to be completed at the comfort of their homes.

Another industry that would experience drastic changes would be the entrepreneurial sector. In the United States, the age of shopping malls started to decline, with shopping centers being closed down and demolished because only a small number of people are visiting them. Most people in the 21st century prefer buying online because it saves them time and gasoline. The improvement of internet connectivity made it possible for the e-commerce sector to flourish, and business people started to transform their brick and mortar businesses into virtual ones. Many entrepreneurs around the world, like Jeff Bezos, who currently serves as the CEO of Amazon, became billionaires because of the rise of the e-commerce industry. Although it provided an opportunity for entrepreneurs to sell their products online, it resulted in mass layoffs and loss of jobs for people who are in the retail industry.

Lumberjacks, or those who are cutting trees for profit, are also declining at a fast rate. The top reasons why lumberjacks are disappearing is because of robots which are replacing their jobs. Another reason would be the transformation of society to become more eco-friendly. Paper produced from trees account for the top trash produced around the world. To minimize the garbage created by paper, governments around the world have given incentives to recycling plants that will make papers usable again. There is also a high demand for recycled papers used in stationary and eco-friendly paper bags. Environmentalists are also pushing for a paperless future. They are recommending that paper usage should be replaced with better technologies like digital notebooks and smartphones.

Newspaper reporters are among those who could lose their jobs in the future because people no longer read newspapers. Reporters could shift to being online writers, as broadcasting companies are now focusing on the power of the internet and social media to deliver their news. Flight attendants are also at risk of becoming jobless because of the rising number of new technologies that would assist passengers on the plane. AIs could also be programmed to demonstrate in-flight safety, as well as serve the passengers with food and drinks. Mail carriers and librarians are also losing their jobs because of the prevalence of faster communication and information research, thanks to the internet. Snail mail would take days before it can be delivered, compared to the features offered by online messaging platforms that even allow someone to contact their loved ones using the video calling technology. There are many more jobs that are becoming obsolete because of the advancements in technology. According to experts, it could not be prevented because change is constant, and we have to adapt.