How the Right Sales Team Can Help Your Business Grow


As an entrepreneur, you’re probably no stranger to wearing a multitude of hats to see projects through. This is especially true if your business is in its infancy, when new partnerships or investments play a pivotal role in keeping the lights on.

Eventually, though, your clientele will grow to a point where you can’t handle the influx yourself. You simply won’t be able to answer every request for your products and services in time to avoid leaving money on the table.

This is why you need a carefully curated sales team to back you up and lock in new business as it rushes in. Whether you conduct the search in house, or delegate it to a world-class sales recruitment agency, your potential hires should fit a profile of excellence that shares these major tenets.

Master Networkers

Your salespeople should each have a book of contacts with the potential to get your business in front of the people who need it. It’s recommended that they have ongoing, trusting relationships with these contacts such that you may build on them moving forward.

Additionally, the ability to make new contacts without aggressive sales tactics should always be close to the top of your checklist. Experienced salespeople can find new business wherever they happen to be:

  • Social events
  • Industry gatherings
  • Social media

Depending on your staff and internal resources, you may find it difficult to access talent at the elite level. Popular job search sites can be inefficient, presenting you with too many decent but unexceptional candidates to go through. On the other hand, a reputable sales recruiter can cut through the clutter and find you a quality employee ready to dig in for the long haul. Make the choice that benefits your company culture as well as your bottom line.

More Than a Job

Superstar salespeople will see a greater purpose to their work beyond exceeding sales projections year after year. They’ll bring revenues in, make no mistake. The point here is that tirelessly showing up to make sales requires a kind of motivation money alone can’t dictate.

Search for a sales team that sees your business as part of a greater story, one where giving back to society and watching out for future generations is at the heart of every new initiative. Beyond a commercial venture, your salespeople should see their role as an opportunity to give back to the community where your business resides.

Voracious Readers

Lastly, let your sales recruiter know that you only want to hire a team made up of voracious readers of people. What do we mean here? We mean they should be expert communicators who can interpret social cues and facial expressions and react to them on a moment’s notice. Clients want to be cared for as per their own tastes and a salesperson should adapt to them without losing a beat.

Building the right sales team to share your business with the world isn’t supposed to be easy. You need to narrow down thousands of candidates into a few that fit your values and your vision to ensure the best possible results. This is no small task, but it is within your power. Simply think through every resume and consult with sales recruitment experts for guidance and you’re well on your way.