How the top brands sold more this Black Friday/Cyber Monday


Everyone is happy about Black Friday and Cyber Monday which are the largest shopping seasons. Even though it is not an official holiday, people all over get busy for this shopping season of the year. Ideally, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big for both customers and brands.

These days are set apart for shopping, particularly for online shoppers and are not explicitly a two-day event. This seasons that spreads out up to four days, account for very high sales points for brands, but how exactly do top brands do it?

Starting early

There is a lot of competition now that Black Friday has evolved to become an international day, and shoppers all over the world are aggressive to look for the best deals. For brands, this means that they need to be a lot more strategic in positioning their products for the target customers.

Ideally, there has been a trend by top brands to jump the gun a couple of days before the Black Friday day. The idea is to provide a sneak peek of the items that could be out on offer in a bid to outshine competitors in the same industry. Promotions and offers hit people’s inboxes several days earlier, and then follows the countdown deals, which pry more curiosity from people to increase the engagement.

The best part about starting early is that you get to address people’s needs before the actual black Friday day, since people start researching on gift ideas from October, through the early days of November.

Concentrating on online sales

Thanks to technological advancements, there have been transitions from the physical world to the virtual world. Online shopping has made it pretty convenient to do research, interact, and even shop. Instead of lining up in stores at 3 am, people have turned to convenient shopping through the wee hours of the night through their devices.

Top brands have since understood the value of the internet. To double your sales, have a couple of physical stores, as well as an online platform where people can not only discover new products on sale but also make purchases. Further, make your website a mobile-friendly site, to befit the large population that accesses the internet via mobile phones. From your website, you can then use facebook shares, among other social media platforms to get the word out.

Use all your marketing channels

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a sales season that could easily pass you by if you are not strategic with your communication. Top brands capitalize on all their communication channels and resources to get the message home. This involves social media channels, traditional media like Television adverts and radio, billboards, email marketing, among others.

Instant gratification

In this world of technology, patience is a rare virtue. Most people are not willing to wait for a page to load for more than 3 seconds, let alone wait to receive responses to their requests. Top brands have figured a way of offering services to customers with instant gratification. For example, through minimizing the amount of time a customer has to wait for delivery of a product.

This approach keeps your competitors on edge, wondering why customers always run to your site instead of their own. To play the game as these top brands, offer free delivery or free upgrades for every purchase. You can also put an option for customers to click-and-collect items on sale, with a chance to pick up the products on the same day.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may only be two days of shopping, but they can extensively heighten your sales. Bottom-line, remember to treat these days more like a product launch for your brand.