How The World’s Biggest Companies Use AI to Thrive By Saumya Bhatnagar

Artificial intelligence

Over the years, technology has transformed many aspects of business operations, especially after the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of technology and business.

Being a CTO (Chief technology officer), I can say that from providing customer service to making a predictive recommendation and deep learning, AI in its several forms makes for a pretty nifty solution.

 Research on the application of AI in business is still in progress, many renowned corporates across the globe are already making use of it for marketing, sales, operational optimization, and more. Here’s how the world’s most prominent organizations use AI to increase productivity in business.

1. Marketing

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing is gaining significant pace. Many businesses across the globe now depend on AI based platforms to market their products and services. The good thing about these programs is that they can readily be deployed across the internet to create relevant advertisements and analyze a demographic group. Many AI platforms are also helpful in customizing marketing and sales based on the clientele’s requirements.

The giant social networking platform, Facebook helps business do target advertising with the help of AI. They use deep neural networks to show ads that are relevant to an individual user’s interest.              

2. Customer Service

 The use of AI, particularly in customer service, is quite popular. Many businesses have successfully incorporated artificial intelligence into their support system to provide a convenient and informed customer experience.

Commonly asked questions can be answered by AI-powered chatbots. They provide answers based on the information found on the ticket, which saves a lot of time and boosts customer satisfaction.

Amazon’s Alexa intelligent voice assistant is an excellent example of it. This assistant uses a neural network to power natural language processing, which percieves the human voice and returns an appropriate response.

Amazon also has AI-powered cashier-less shop in Seattle known as Amazon Go. This store works with Amazon Go application. Users can enter into Amazon Go, and take the product they need. The AI technology automatically detects when products were taken and returned to the shelves, customers are charged on that basis through their Amazon accounts.

3. Use of AI in Sales

Artificial intelligence has also been used in improving sales performance. According to Forbes, a sales team that adopts artificial intelligence experiences a 50% increase in leads.

Some machine learning platforms efficiently analyze and transcribe sales calls. It helps the poorly performing salespersons to take the right approach to improve their sales skills.

It’s no surprise to know that Salesforce, one of the leading sales platform in the world, is quite active in using AI for their Sales. Over the past five years, they have been the largest buyer of AI services. They are using Einstein technology that helps in analyzing every aspect of a customer’s relationship. The technology enables the Salesforce team to build up a detailed profile of their customers.

Final Words

Today, AI has turned into one of the most impactful technologies in the world that are benefiting businesses in different ways. I have mentioned just three ways in which it is being used, but this can certainly go on. No matter which industry you work for, AI can make your operation more efficient and smooth.

Author of this article Saumya is the CTO and Co-founder of InvolveSoft. She studied her Masters in Computer Science with a focus on Natural Language Processing. Saumya is a strong advocate of more representation for women in tech