How third party keyboard apps can help you communicate better


Far are the days when we used to send out just plain text messages. We’re now in the technology era, where we can chat, tweet, and share literally anything from our mobile phones, and complement the messages we send with photos, videos, location, emojis and stuff.

With the possibility to integrate third party keyboards to our smart phones, things got a lot more better. Not only we’ve experienced a new level of typing, but they made it easy to communicate online and get access to the things we want to send or share.

GIven the fact that there are thousands of third party keyboard apps out there, it’s hard to pick the one that’s actually doing a good job. With that in mind I’ve tried and tested a bunch of keyboards and I now want to share the list of the apps with you that have my thumb up. The list includes all kinds of keyboards that make it easy and fun to connect and communicate.


Touchpal is an advanced keyboard that provides smooth and speedy typing experience. It lets you easily type words with swiping from letter to letter, and features an advanced word prediction to contribute to a faster word input. Also, there is a smart auto correction and spelling functionalities, and a number of other features to let you easily copy and paste text. The app comes with a large collection of emojis and GIFs, and cool wallpapers that you can use to customize your keyboard. You can set personal photos as keyboard themes and send out text faces. Available for IOS and Android.

Sticker Market

Sticker Market is all about bringing some more fun to your conversations. It’s an all-in-one sticker and GIF keyboard app, that also has some great templates and face emojis. The best thing about the app is that it does not require any app or keyboard switching. All the stickers, GIFs and templates are available right from your keyboard. You can use the stickers and GIFs on almost all top messaging apps and platforms, including Facebook messenger, iMessage, Whatsapp, Viber, and insert those in your conversations with just copying and pasting. Another great thing about the app is that you can add your own sticker sets to the app and have them used by many other users around the world. The keyboard features smart word prediction and auto correction so that you can type faster and without spelling mistakes. There are dark and light keyboard themes available and support for 10 languages, including French, Spanish, German, etc. Available for IOS and Android.


Distinguished for a fast typing, Fleksy is yet another great keyboard app you can try out. It comes with extensions that let you customize your keyboard and equip it with powerful features. You can easily copy and paste texts,add punctuation and never think of misspelling word  as it comes with a next generation autocorrect to have things under control. Also, there are over 50 keyboard themes you can choose from, and a wide selection of emojis and GIFs you can use in your conversations. Available for IOS and Android users.


Backed by Google, Gboard is a powerful keyboard app that comes with a built-in searching functionality and lets your find and send literally anything right from your keyboard. Whether you want to share a link with a friend, a news article or weather forecast, you can easily do that with Gboard. Also, the app comes with glide typing and voice typing functionalities to enable you to respond faster to your messages. The keyboard features emoji and GIF search, and lets you translate as you type with the built-in Google Translate. It supports over 120 languages and is available on both Google Play store and Apple Store.


Minum is a smart keyboard that saves you screen space and contributes to a faster and better typing. It is best known for its sloppy typing, that lets you type careless yet surprisingly faster. Also, it lets you entirely reposition your keyboard, or enable one-handed typing. You can choose one of the different alphabet arrangements available and speed up your typing using its smart word prediction and vocabulary control features. The keyboard supports voice typing and features a number of clipboard tools to let you easily copy, cut and paste content as you type. Available for IOS and Android.

Blink Keyboard

Blink is a resizable keyboard app available only on Apple Store.It comes with a number of exciting features, including smart auto-correct, cursor gestures, quick text insert feature and more. You can have your keyboard fit your hand size, which makes one hand typing easier for larger screens. The keyboard supports English, Spanish, German and Portuguese languages and WERTZ, AZERTY, JKLÇ layout options. Blink also provides easy access to emojis, and comes with different keyboard themes and fonts to choose from.

These are the best keyboard apps out of those I’ve tested. I’ve actually tested a bunch of them but most of those apps come in with glitches, adds and limited functionality. Check these great keyboard out and get to better communicate with friends and family.

Author of this article, Gayane Mar is the founder of, a WordPress enthusiast and blogger. She is a contributing author to a plenty of well known websites and blogs and enjoys sharing her experience and expertise to help people around on web.