How to attract a lot of website traffic


How to increase Traffic to my Website

When you write article online on your blog or site you expect a lot of attention from readers, web traffic, publicity and of course good profit too. But if you want all of these to belong to you and keep the readers and audience coming back to your site quite regularly, then you need o follow some basic rules for holding their attention.


website-traffic-increaseHere are 7 golden tips to ensure your audience like what they read and buy what you sell.

1. Use friendly tone

When you write an article use a friendly tone to connect to the readers. Just like how you would use words when you talk to somebody, write in the same way. Use simple words and language that people can read and understand. Write in the way you talk and fill your personality in the article. This way you will be able to connect to your audience.

2. Be active

Words have the power to influence others. Find specific active verbs that will make your article interesting to read and keep the readers rooted. Active verbs keep the readers engaged and will keep the reader get going. Using active verbs has another advantage like you have the liberty to use less number of words and the same time convey your message to the reader.

3. Make your article beneficial to the readers

It truly does not matter how many awards you have received as a writer, how many degrees you have in literature or how experienced you are in writing. All that matters to the readers is that how the article you have written is helping them solve their issue. So include a benefit in the title of the article and across the body of the article.

4. Connect with the audience’s emotions

As the article writer you need to connect to the audience emotions. Speak about their feelings indirectly, provide a solution to their issues. For example if you are writing a shopping article, use phrases like, “are you scared of spending all the money you saved on shopping?” “here are some tips for you to shop well with less money…” etc. This will connect to the audience and will love what you articles.

5. Maintain short sentence and paragraphs

Do not write over lengthy essays, keep your articles short and sweet. Readers have less attention span and patience and when they find your articles have only long boring sentences and paragraphs, they will never read the content entirely. So make things short and to the point. Use side headings, bullet points etc to keep them engaged. Add lists and tables sub headings that will attract the readers when they keep scanning for the articles.

6. Give an introduction

If you give your reader paragraphs and paragraphs of material to read, your readers will lose interest even before they read half of what you have written. So, to keep them engaged write an introductory paragraph. This will give the reader an idea about what the article is all about. If you do so they will read your article to the last word.

7. Simplify

Do you keep worrying about not using the right words in your article? About sentences not being clear? Well, then you must use simple word and simple sentences too. Keep your point simple too. All your worries will go away with the snap of a finger if you keep things simple and clear. If you make people understand what you write, you will be successful in having a lot of readers visiting your site.