Though you might be the boss, you are not in charge of your company’s future or, at least, not in the way that you may think. You need to relinquish the reigns and instead find the best employees who work collaboratively and efficiently together to take direction. You cannot come up with every great idea, and you won’t. By instead hiring a great team of people who are innovative, hardworking and passionate about your brand and your industry, you can take your business to new directions you would never have imagined.

A team is necessary for success, and building that dream-team starts with improving your business and hiring processes.

Cultivate a Thriving Company Culture

A great candidate knows they are talented and experienced, and they know what they are worth. When looking for a new position, they can either go for a business that offers an incredible salary or an incredible working culture. Ideally, they will find a job that offers both, but those listings are few and far between, meaning that you can take advantage.

Talented people looking for a new job are either unhappy with their salary or their working environment. So, if you cannot afford the top salary, then nurture and cultivate a thriving company culture by offering:

1.    A Healthy Salary

You don’t need to offer the largest salary in your business, but it should, at a minimum, be above the living wage in your city. Never offer something that is barely above minimum wage.

2.    Supportive Benefits

Benefits that support a healthy work/life balance are going to be far more attractive than anything flashy. The ability to take Flextime, or to work from home remotely when necessary are easy benefits to provide and will help your employees balance their home-life responsibilities along with their career.

3.    Healthy Office

Your office should be a positive, healthy place to work in. This means allowing employees to add personal touches, including plants to improve air quality and working to make the office bright without being blinding.

Improve Your Hiring Process

Once you have a business that the top talent will want to work for, then you have to improve your hiring process. The best candidate for the job won’t be found in an interview, which is why pre-employment testing is such an important step. This pre-testing phase will help you better predict how successful a candidate will be in each role, and allow you to hire the one with the best talent and drive, not the one who can only talk the talk.

Allow for Advancements (In Multiple Ways)

An employee needs to know that they have a future with you. This means career progression, raises and skills development. Though who you hire and how much you offer as a raise will be up to you and your budget, skills progression should be a standard option available to all your employees.

1.    Horizontal

Horizontal advancements refer to shadowing or training in different departments. This is an excellent benefit for those just starting their career who want to find their place in your company.

2.    Vertical

You don’t need to always promote from within, but you should do your employees the courtesy of always starting the hiring process at home. If you cannot find the right person, then you can take the job search outside.