How To Avoid International Roaming Charges?


If you use your network services outside the country, you might be charged with heavy roaming charges. This will exhaust your balance and will give you long mobile bills. To avoid the same yet stay in touch with people across the world, you must buy a Dubai eSIM for tourists. You can get it for a decent rate and keep using the internet on your mobile phone. This is much cheaper as compared to other plans and roaming charges deducted by your network provider. Here are some other ways to avoid international roaming charges.

  1. Know Your Plan:

For most people, roaming charges are deducted due to a lack of awareness of the current plants. To avoid the same, you must know your plants and their terms before using them internationally. When you are aware of all the terms and conditions, you will be aware of roaming charges. You can visit the office or can call your network provider to know more about roaming services. Since the majority of them are expensive, people often choose to buy a new and temporary SIM card from the country of travel. It avoids confusion and makes the internet affordable.

  1. Limit Phone Usage:

Due to our addiction, we tend to spend most of our time on our mobile phones. When we are in our hometown, we might not be aware of the amount of data we consume on a regular basis. But when travelling internationally, you will be charged for the data you consume. This is the reason why it is suggested to limit and reduce the time you are spending on your mobile phones. It will reduce your mobile bills. You can use the purchased data to connect with your friends and family during the tour.

  1. Turn-off Downloads & Updates:

We download a lot of stuff varying from random videos to different applications. A lot of these downloads are set to be in automatic mode. When travelling internationally, these automatic, as well as unnecessary downloads, can consume limited data that you have purchased. To ensure that purchased data is used properly and available at the time of emergency, you must go to your phone settings and turn off automatic downloads. Moreover, you shall also not allow your phone and other applications to install an update automatically. These measures will decrease internet usage and hence will avoid unnecessary roaming charges.

  1. Use Text Messages:

Do not make an international call unless it is an absolute necessity. Instead of phone calls, you can rely on text messages to have a conversation with your friends and family. This will be much cheaper than looking for international plans that include voice calls in it. Text messages can be beneficial if you want to convey a small message to a person in a different country. It is also suggested to use text messages instead of emails when you are travelling internationally. This will ensure you have enough internet saved for essential tasks in the future.