How to be a good youtuber – The definitive guide


Being a good youtuber is a very important issue for millennials because it has become a very lucrative source of income compared to the time it takes to become a “recognized youtuber.”

You must keep in mind that to learn how to be a good youtuber does not depend only on the recordings, you must also be agile and creative to broadcast an event or talk live. So let’s start:

I would have preferred to make this video guide of not being so afraid of the cameras. Anyway, if you take a few minutes to read this article I will be sure you can help them.


The center of your YouTube channel is the message you want to convey. Some youtubers focus on a single topic but to be a good youtuber you must try several options.

For example, it can be:

News and news

Remember that YouTube uploads thousands of professional and homemade videos that deal with many topics. So if you invent a new theme you can also try with confidence. After all, it is your audience who will say if you will succeed or not. Once you know the central theme of your YouTube channel you should define the idea a little more.

What do I mean?

This point refers specifically to the niche of the market you will attack. Yes, I know, it sounds a bit confusing but this is nothing more than defining your range of action. Let’s assume you want to make a humor video, what kind of humor and what will you show? For example, you can create a channel of animals falling (there are already many so try something more original), of falls of people, a standup telling the funny side of everyday situations (what has worked best so far) and many more things .
Who do you want to reach?

Let’s see, you already have your main category and your secondary theme, now you must find out who your target audience is and if they really consume videos like the one you plan to do.

The questions you should ask yourself are:

– Who watches videos like mine? Women, men, children, adults, all public?
– Where are they?
– What language do they speak? This is very important to know if we use a universal language or if we are targeting a specific audience in a country.
– What do they use to watch YouTube videos?

Define your tone

Once you know who your target audience is, you can better define the tone of your videos. Simply put, how will you tell? Will you be correct, will you use professional, sarcastic language, will you have familiar language, will you be spontaneous or will you learn everything by heart?

I have to warn you that in order to know how to be a good youtuber you should not be afraid of cameras or microphones and, of course, you must have a certain charisma to say things and unwind. If we start watching the famous youtubers’ channels, everyone has something in common: they win over people with their words, make you laugh and identify with what you feel. So take note so you can improve with each video.


So far you have the basis to know how to be a good youtuber, now is the time to shape those ideas. And precisely for that you must make a list with the process and the steps you must follow to learn how to be a good youtuber, for example:

Before buying a camera, a drone or other filming equipment you must be clear how you want to start making your videos. Again, I remind you that to learn how to be a good youtuber you must try and fail, but the less mistakes you have at the beginning the easier it will be.

So it’s time to say how you will make your videos:

Animation (stop motion, flat, 8 bits, etc.)
With you as the protagonist
Compilation of third party videos (with the necessary permissions of course)

It is necessary to know this as soon as possible so that you can acquire the necessary production equipment; a software, a camera, best free video conventer, etc.

One thing is certain, being a YouTuber means planning everything, from A to Z. Hopefully this article can provide inspiration for you.