How to Become an Owner Operator Truck Driver


If you consider working in the automotive industry as a truck driver, then there are two groups to join: company steersmen and owner-operator truck drivers. In a company, this is a hired employee. And the owner-operators start such responsible businesses on their own.

5 Steps to Become a Successful Owner Operator

Most drivers of trucks are commercial or independent steering specialists. Consider your skills, personal and financial points before choosing the best type of activity.

Assess Your Financial Capabilities

Create a table and a detailed plan that will include not only the costs of shipping the cargo but also additional costs (insurance, fuel, documentation, etc.). Will you be able to invest personal money to start such a business?

Make a Detailed Business Plan

Your business must be successful, so you must know all its stages and describe them in detail. Consider your marketing and financial plan, your business goals, your list of employees (if needed), communication with the client, etc.

Set Up Your Business

The licensed activity will deduct tax to the state, so get your U.S. Department of Transportation number. Collect the necessary documents:

  • get a license of a certain category for driving a truck;
  • a business license;
  • permission to transport goods;
  • insurance, and more.

Buying or Renting a Truck

The purchase of a truck can be carried out by taking out a loan if you do not have enough funds for the full installment. Renting is less profitable because you are not the owner but cover all expenses in case of damage to the car or other unforeseen situations.

Find Clients

Find ad platforms and take the time to create beautiful and attractive ads for your business. Do not forget about the clients you have already worked with, make them great offers to keep their interest in coming to you again.

Other Useful Points

Many dispatch services for owner-operators offer cargo transportation, but not all of them have thought out every item in detail. Use a simple proportion that will allow you to spread the money and be the winner. For example, you received $200 of income and $150 spent on necessary operating expenses, fifty dollars should remain your net profit.