How to boost brand exposure effectively

If you’re trying to increase brand awareness for the business or charity that you run, you’ll know that ensuring your voice gets heard can be fiercely important.

There’s so many different ways to approach the marketing of your organisation and doing this effectively is crucial if you want your brand to be exposed in a favourable light in the right places.

Here are some tips to ensure you go about this task well to maximise the potential of your campaign.

Social media

If you want to communicate with a wide audience, this is now possible thanks to social media. With Facebook and Twitter enabling customers to get in touch with businesses easily, this is one avenue that can really help to grow your brand.

Start discussions and run competitions on social media sites to engage with potential consumers. If anyone gets in touch – whether it’s with a query, complaint or friendly greeting – create a culture of replying promptly. The customer feels valued and it establishes you as efficient and proactive.

Engaging content is key when you’re looking to grow a brand and part of this involves knowing what type of material to publish. Videos are a particularly effective PR technique at the moment and recent statistics show visitors will continue to navigate a site for an extra two minutes, on average, after watching some form of video content. Technology has made it extremely simple to record a good-quality video and upload it to your company’s website or social media page – don’t get left behind!

Run events

Networking events have been part of the business culture for a very long time and can be a useful way to not only promote your products but also meet other people who are in the same industry.

Hosting such events can help to persuade prospective clients to work with you, as they can see both your products and you – or your staff – in the flesh. It’s much harder to present your products and services over email or the phone, so capitalise on any opportunity to speak to clients face-to-face.

Think strategically about who you want to invite to such an event. This is where social media could come in useful, by finding certain target audiences, particularly via sites such as LinkedIn. There’s no point inviting lots of guests to make the room feel busy when you get zero trade or contacts of any use from the event itself.

Make sure you hand out branded promotional products as well, this way your company is more likely to be be remembered.


Offline advertising

Traditional forms of advertising such as radio, TV and print ads are a great way of boosting brand awareness. Consider buying a series of ads to create a ‘storybook’ campaign (or to simply ensure the ads aren’t quickly forgotten).

Many companies now run multi-media campaigns to encourage consumers to register their details on the company’s website or visit their social media pages. For example, a TV ad could include the company’s Twitter handle or different hashtags that reference the potential outcome of a key sporting event or TV competition.

There’s so many different ways to boost your brand in a way that can help your business – what’s stopping you?