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The vast majority of clients do not pick advisors out of a phone book. Instead, they prefer listening to an advisor in action, learning about his expertise, and obtaining advice through articles and seminars. Establishing relationships and building trust is the key to having a successful business. Yet, you should also build your business book to get a continuous flow of new clients and opportunities.

Here are some useful tips on how to build your revenues and network foundation.

Offer an Ongoing Referral Program

Existing clients present a great way of building a book of business. That’s because they are already acquainted with your services and may help you to sweep away those poor leads. You need to determine what types of referral programs you want to offer to your clients. Consider sending out a personalized mass emails from your customer relationship management (CRM) system to get your customers familiar with your offers.

Go for Indirect Promotion

Selling your business and products via fliers and ads on the radio, TV, or social media networks is not always effective. If you are looking for a subtler yet successful approach, go for indirect promotion by pursuing interview opportunities that let you show off your skills and knowledge. Let your potential clients see that you really know your stuff.

It’s a good idea to host charity events from time to time or sponsor local youth team in order to get your business name known in your community. That can help you build your revenues without being annoying.

Promotion campaigns are often expensive, which could be a big problem for small businesses that run on a tight budget. This is where the business loans come in. You just need to find a business loan that works best for you and make the most of it for your business.

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

If you want to get online traction and reach higher Google rankings, it’s necessary to improve search engine optimization of your website. This is not possible without a strong SEO strategy. It involves infusing blog posts, metadata, and photo alt tags of your website with Google’s most popular search terms.

Your SEO strategy is not supposed to only bring visitors to your site but also to keep them there. You can achieve that by posting high-quality SEO-rich content on a regular basis, which will sell for you.

Make Use of Speaking Engagements

Many people are inclined to speak in public to let their prospective new consumers know that they have an extensive expertise in the industry. Civic organizations, entrepreneurs, and other businesses often search for good event speakers to engage them in their exhibitions and public meetings.

Have you ever spoken in front of a crowd? If not, practice it beforehand in front of a group of people (your friends, teammates, or colleagues) to learn how to speak confidently. Make a list of talking points and subjects that you want to speak about. Then find a good opportunity to speak in public. It’s important to leave a lot of time to discuss the main topics with your participants and bring your business cards at speaking engagements.

Building a steady client base takes a lot of time to establish trust with your consumers. However, when you are doing it in a proper manner every day, you can develop a powerful book of business without much effort. Implement these actions to your business strategy and become a rainmaker.