Drones are increasingly being used by tech professionals and pro photographers to create an aerial footage of the wedding parties or events. Increasing number of photographers are now using drones to create eye-catching videos of the events.

Today with a few clicks, you can buy state-of-the-art drones on sites such Prylar på Bazaar Gadgets at an affordable cost. The drones boast of 1080p HD recording, pan and zoom, and many great features that can allow you to create high-quality photos and videos of any kind of events, whether a marriage party or a conference or a birthday party.

In this post, you will learn about some tips to buy the right drone for enhancing your brand image as a photographer or a tech professional.

Camera Quality

The first thing you should consider when buying a new drone is the camera quality. You want to buy a drone that features 1080p HD recording to create high-quality photos and videos of the occasion. Also, make sure that the drone has 360-degree POV that support pan, tilt and zoom to capture the best possible view of the guests, clients and invitees of the event.

Battery Life

All drones run on batteries. The flight time of drones depends on the battery size. You should buy a drone with a battery life of at least 30 minutes. Although you can carry extra batteries, swapping them after every 15 minutes or so is extremely inconvenient.

Flight time

You will be rather amused to know that most of the average drones don’t have enough flight time. The typical time span through which the drone will remain perfectly flying in the air is around 10 minutes. But you’ll be happy to know that there are pricier and higher-end models which can successfully stay up in the air for 30 minutes but this extra time is going to cost you big time. Hence, if you want extended flight time, this will come with a high cost.

Drone Range

Range is measured to be the distance through which you can be away from the drone when it is up floating. How much far should you have to be in order to keep control over it? If you take into account a typical quad-copter budget drone, the distance is a minimum of the range of 200 feet. However, there are drone models which come with an advanced technology which can travel from as far as 10,000 feet and which come with a higher cost. You also have to remember the FAA regulations which need you to keep your drone within your eyesight all the times whenever you’re airborne.


As there are several varieties of drones to select from, each with varying features, the price range is also huge enough as long as choosing a drone is concerned. While there are good quality drones which are offered to you within $200, there are some others which cost you even less. You have to buy them according to the options or the whistles and bells that you choose about your drone. The more features you want, the more you can spend on buying a drone.

GPS Capability

The top of the range drone models has GPS capability. This feature provides more stability and additional navigation skills like hovering above the ground. In addition, drones with a GPS feature can be programmed to return back to the original position — a feature that could prove handy when taking aerial photos of venues which stretch through a long distance.


Drones come with different sensors. Make sure that your drone has gyro sensor as it provides additional stability when flying. Another thing you should look for in a drone is the accelerometer. This sensor stabilizes the drone when in flight and reduces the chances of a crash.

Drone Type

The two basic types of drones include the toy drone and camera drones. For wedding photography, you should avoid toy drones. These drones may be cheap but they are not suitable for capturing impressive photos. They do not have high-end features like GPS, gyrosensors, or image stabilization feature. Also, the camera lack processing power to capture quality photos and videos.

Camera drones are the best for aerial photography of occasions and events since they have a better-quality camera, more flight time, and advanced features. The drone may be expensive but it will be worth paying extra as you will be able to capture high-quality photos of different occasions.

While you purchase a drone, you would definitely wish to spend a little bit of time in deciding the options which are most necessary after assessing your needs and budget. Before you launch a drone to capture stunning views of any event, you should first know about the drone photography etiquettes. Ask your clients for permission before launching a drone. While this is not necessary, it is considered a good Smartian practice. Also, you should know about local rules regarding drone photography to avoid any legal problems.