How to Cancel Hughesnet?


Hughesnet internet service might not be the best internet when compared to cable or fiber internet. However, it is a great way for people in rural areas to get internet services and perform their daily tasks. It is one of the best satellite internet options available with its pros and cons.

Generally, people switch from Hughesnet internet service because it costs more, is offered through a satellite connection, and has the maximum and the only download speed of up to 25 Mbps. So, whenever there are better options available, the only rational choice is to cancel your Hughesnet account and sign up for that specific option that is now available. If you are someone who is looking to cancel Hughesnet internet service, this article will help you throughout the process and guide you in the right direction.

  1. Before Cancelling your Hughesnet Account

In order to cancel your account, there are a few things that you need to do to make sure there will not be any additional costs to you. Here is what you need to do to make sure of that.

  • Verify if the Contract is Over

All Hughesnet customers are required to sign a contract when they get new services. This service contract is for two years and is sort of a commitment that customers will not cancel Hughesnet services. If they do, they will be liable to pay an early termination fee in order to cover the cost that Hughesnet has to bear. 

To avoid any cancellation charges, you need to make sure you are not in a contract with Hughesnet anymore. To do that, you can either check your date of installation of service or contact the Hughesnet support team and ask them about the exact date the contract will end.

If you find out that it has already been over two years and you are not bound in a contract, then you will be good to go. On the other hand, if there is still some time left, then there are two options that you might have. First is that you can cancel the services and pay the early termination fee. Or as a second option, you can keep the services till the time your contract will be over because the termination fee with Hughesnet can be up to $400 based on the number of months left.

  • Call and Check for Pending Bills

Once you are sure about the contract details, the next thing that you need to do is to check for your pending bills. In order to do that, you can check your Hughesnet mobile app and see the remaining amount that you have to pay to Hughesnet or you can call the customer service and make sure there are no pending bills.

In case there are any, you should pay those bills as soon as possible so that they won’t appear on your credit report. Moreover, you will not face any problems if you ever need to get internet services through Hughesnet again.

  1. Contact Customer Service

Once you have figured out all the details regarding your contract and the pending bills, the next step for you is to make the call and let them know that you are cancelling your account.

To do that, you can call the support team at 1-855-771-3154 or use the chat support option given to you after logging into your online account. They will first verify your account details to make sure it’s you. 

Once you are through and tell them that you want to cancel your account, they might ask for a reason for cancellation and try to convince you to stay with Hughesnet. You can lead the conversation and take them where you want. 

Make sure that you have set-up your date for cancellation of your account and verified all the details with them. Once they are done, your account will be cancelled on that decided date.

  1. After the Cancellation

Calling customer support and setting up the cancellation date is not the end of it. After the cancellation, some things still need to be done.

  • Return your Equipment

The final step of cancelling your account is to return the equipment that you have leased from Hughesnet. In case you have purchased the equipment and paid for everything upfront, you can also talk to customer service about returning it because that would not be of any use to you.

They might refund you some amount and get that equipment back. If you are leasing it and paying for the equipment on the monthly basis, you will have to return that equipment to the nearest Spectrum store. 

After returning the equipment, wait for your final bill as per your billing cycle and make sure everything is cleared out.

Final Thoughts

Before cancelling your account, keep one very important thing in your mind. If you are cancelling your services because you are going to another city for a few months or going on a vacation, cancelling might not be the best strategy. 

You can put your Hughesnet internet on your hold and pay the minimum monthly charge for that time. That way, you will not have to pay the installation and any other charges again. Moreover, your Hughesnet Internet would already be set-up, so once you are back, you can resume your services from there.