With a daily turnover of $5 trillion, the Forex market is the biggest and most liquid market in the world. Forex trading is the act of buying a currency using another currency (currency pairs). In the last few years, Forex trading became extremely popular and finding a reliable broker turned into a challenging experience for traders. Luckily, in this era of abundant information, you can always look for tips on prime reviews sites like Daily Invest News, where experts will give you unbiased descriptions about the best or worst brokers in the industry. We present you a few essential things you need to consider while looking for the best brokerage firm!

Security measures and background

Before anything else, make sure you read the broker’s terms and conditions, their deposit/withdrawals policies and the overall legal documentation. Check if they claim to be financially regulated or not and what is their risk disclosure. Also, the background of a brokerage firm is equally important: for how many years it has been active, the operational address and location of the headquarters are details that help you figure out if it’s a scam or reliable broker.

Transaction costs and minimum deposit demands

Make sure you know what your priorities and trading plans are, because in this way you can lower your costs. You will always bump into transaction costs as you have to pay for either the spread or a commission, that’s why looking for the most favorable rates is a must.

The minimum deposit requirements depend on the account type you want to opt for. Typically, most of the Forex brokers provide account types for both novice and experienced traders. They each come with their perks, but make sure you get informed and go beyond the appearances. A professional Forex brokers review site will tell you that if the minimum deposit for a standard account is $550 and the broker is not regulated by a regulatory body, something is definitely wrong and you should avoid it.

Platform and trading tools

In online forex trading, everything happens through the brokers’ trading platform; this means that a professional broker will offer one of the best platforms to its customers. The most praised and widely-used trading platform is MetaTrader 4 (MT4), because it offers the leading trading and analytical technologies for all levels of traders, along with a comprehensive list of tools. Keep in mind that a reputable brokerage firm will always provide the best resources to its traders, all of them on one platform. Make sure you read what experts have to say and if what they present matches your needs and current level of experience.

Customer service

The competence of the customer support team and their ability of providing a fast solution to your problems tell a lot about the professionalism of that broker. Look for a company that’s available whenever you need it and ask as many questions as you can. Our advice is to take a peak on the experts’ reviews and see what they have to say about their customer support experience with that particular broker’s team. Most of the times, they do the research and test the ground before you do, so this might save you a lot of time.


Even if it’s good to trust your instincts, in trading, the key is to be aware of your needs and look for as many information as you can about a broker. Always stay informed, read about the latest events on the market, check out reliable reviews sites and focus on your goals. Finding the best broker is definitely a challenge but the reward will be worth it!