Today, CDN has become a need of every web owner. There are a lot of companies around the globe that offer you to choose from a wide range of packages. With all those big names in the market and the fancy advertisements luring you to buy the services from a particular business, it is likely that you will fall prey to these and make a wrong choice. So, we have decided to put some light on the key features that a CDN must contain. Considering the following, you will be able to select the best and cheap CDN for your website.

It has to be quick

The primary purpose why most of the people look to buy CDN service is that they want to improve the user experience. The CDN hosts the content of a site and when a user requests, it displays the data from the nearest node. It lowers the loading time of the site. But for that, the connectivity and response time of a CDN should be fast. If the CDN takes a lot of time while connecting with the server or it takes a while when it is querying the database and gathering the content of a site before deploying it on the client side, do not go for it. It means that the site will take some time to load and the purpose will not be served.

The uptime matters

Think about the time the servers of CDN stay active. These will determine the number of hours CDN will be serving your site. You need your website to be at its best 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The sites are international, and people will be accessing your domain from all across the world. Due to the difference in time zone, the site will be in use almost all the time, and you cannot afford it to be down even for a few minutes. Thus, the CDN should be active 24/7.

Pricing matters

Next, we need to talk about the pricing. There are a lot of big names that are cashing on their reputation. They are making people buy services for high rates. Although some of them are offering reasonable pricing, mostly, they are charging more than they should be. Thus, the pricing is critical and who does not love a cheap CDN? While you are testing the price, put it in contrast with the number of features you get and the quality of the service.

Go for the trial

So, you have come to a conclusion that this is the best and cheap CDN for you and you are going to buy it. Most of the companies tend to offer you a trial period. So, start by checking the services on trial. There is no shame in opting for it, and you should do it before you actually buy a package. Usually, the trial lasts for up to a month, and it is entirely free on most of the sites. It is the best way for you to evaluate the services and their quality.