How to Choose the Right Influencer for Your Marketing Campaign.

How to Choose the Right Influencer for Your Marketing Campaign.

Influencer marketing is a fast-growing trend in brand identity and general advertising. In combination with content marketing, it can have excellent results for your business. An Influencer is anyone that can create an impact on a consumers mind for a brand or against it. Even our friends influence what we buy so they are influences too. With over 92% of product consumers using recommendations by personalities. Marketers have taken this trend to high levels like water to a fish. It requires a lot of evaluation to find the right influencer for your marketing campaign. Here are some tips help you choose who will speak best for your brand.

Define Objectives

The onset of any new thing requires a good foundation. For business and advertising, this means setting clear objectives. It is important not to be blinded by the influencers reach. Other factors such as their audiences demographics play an equally important role. In defining objectives, consider factors like the influencers place in your campaign, the type of audience that follows them and why exactly you are doing the campaign. A mismatch between the influencer and brand can lead to wrong messages sent to a large audience.


After the objectives are set, it is time for you to research for market influencers that fit your brand. However, it is difficult to find influencers for Business without an expert influence marketing hub. Decide which channel you want to pass your message through, while some may prefer social media sites others might opt for Youtube and audio-visual press to give instructions on brand use. Look into influencers profile for key things cited in your objectives. Their reputation is also very important to you. Consider factors like their relationship with your brand and reach out to those they have worked with before. Consider who their followers are keeping in mind your target audience.

Be Unique

The person you chose for your influence marketing campaign should not be too obvious. Most people make the mistake of choosing the first person that comes to mind. Influencers who are not so obvious will build your brand in a more interesting way. The main attraction for your audience is an entertaining advert.  If the advert is entertaining, the influencer will seem more genuinely involved. The only advantage of having a brand affiliated influencer is that they know a lot about the brand and can, therefore, give a lot of information about it.


It is not enough that your influencer has wide followership. Their level of engagement with the audience is a vital element for your campaign to work. It is easy to monitor this engagement by checking the number of reactions to their posts through comments. An influencer with a small active audience is better than one with a large disengaged audience. We can also determine their level of engagement from their past works.

Determine Choice Criteria

Having a list to check while you search for an influencer helps to make the right choice and also reduces the time used. Map out all the relevant factors for your brand and find relevant links between your story, the influencers and their audiences. It is also important to give the influencer space to use their imagining, do not dictate their creativity.

Influencer marketing is a new and fast-growing trend where media personalities are used to create awareness or promote sales of certain products and services. It is therefore important to make a unique and correct choice for your marketing needs.